View Full Version : Statement by the NFLPA

02-01-2011, 05:08
Here is what was released today:

NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and Commissioner Roger Goodell met today in New York to discuss a range of issues related to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. As part of a process to intensify negotiations, they agreed to hold a formal bargaining session with both negotiating teams on Saturday in the Dallas area. They also agreed to a series of meetings over the next few weeks, both formal bargaining sessions and smaller group meetings, in an effort to reach a new agreement by early March.

Wonder if it will do any good...

The Boss
02-01-2011, 17:10
Well that doesnt tell us much, but the idea that there might be a lockout is insane. The 18 games season is a great idea, and the players need to compensated in a few different ways. Its that simple, just make it happen and be sure the season starts on time

02-02-2011, 07:03
I'm not too sure I'm keen on an 18 game season. I would love to see more football. However, the way these guys are being injured. I'm not too sure their bodies could handle the stress of two extra games.
Now... you could say: "What about the teams that go to the playoffs and play the extra games in the post-season?" ... and to that I say... hrm... didn't really think about that till now. It is an interesting point to ponder. I just really don't want to see players being hurt more.