View Full Version : 2011 HOF induction

The Boss
02-05-2011, 13:51
Well the results come out tonight and there are going to be some broken hearts. The theme that Curtis Martin needs to get into the HOF is hard for me to understand. It's sort of like the Andy Pettite argument. Curtis was never the best back, he had very few big runs compared to other great back, he has no rings, and how many big runs did Curtis ever have? What is his defining moment as a running back? If you add a few injuries in there he is nowhere near 4th all time in yards, he really is sort of a compiler.

Automatics are Sanders, Faulk

Jimmy from Brooklyn
02-05-2011, 20:24
Dent got in but Chris Carter and Martin did not.. Carter should be in

02-07-2011, 06:27
I was pleased with the inductees. I thought maybe D. Dawson would make it, but then realized with the others that he wouldn't this year. Was also hopeful (and surprised) that Tim Brown was already in the running; but I totally didn't expect him to make it this year either.