View Full Version : Isles - Pens Fight video

02-13-2011, 14:47
Thanks to Evan Robert for putting this out on his Twitter feed. I missed a lot of this action that night so it's good to see it all. Goddard was totally out of line for coming off the bench and double teaming Haley when he was about to go with Johnson. The Goalie is obvisouly a tough guy and agreed to the fight so its not like Goddard was saving someone an injury or being heroic, he was just taking cheap shots at Haley and prevented a fight everybody wanted to see. So with that, enjoy the 17 minute video:


Jersey John
02-13-2011, 19:46
It's a good thing Crosby isnt around after seeing that. He would have been a big target no doubt. it is too bad Goddard came up, I would have liked to see Haley and Johnson go at it. I'll say one thing, one of those punches Johnson got off looked like a good one so that guy can probably hold his own against people that arent Rick DiPietro so no need to protect him as long as it's a stright fight

The Boss
02-13-2011, 21:16
They would have kept Crosby off the ice after it was clear the direction that game was going. I agree with you guys though about Goddard. Johnson came out and threw his gear down for the fight so whats the problem? Maybe next time

Jimmy from Brooklyn
02-14-2011, 16:00
Have the Isles really been "victims" like Howie Rose said today? He said they had been getting beat up without penalties being called for along time while the better teams in the league get protected from that. I dont watch hockey anywhere near enough to know if thats true