View Full Version : CC Sabathia Opt Out Situation

The Boss
02-15-2011, 00:19
Somehow the fact that CC Sabathia can opt out of his 7 year deal after this year became big news today. Rumors have suggested he might have told his buddy Cliff Lee that he isnt certain he'll be in NY after this season (Francesa brought it up today). And now, recently I see someone on twitter saying that sources have told him that CC has "demanded a trade to the Phillies". Now, I don't believe that for a second, but it shows how quick things can get out of control. Nothing has changed about CC's situation or contract but, probably just because someone brought up the subject, it has turned into a topic of discussion and a source of possible controversy.

I have to wonder if there is a real chance CC will try to get more money after this season is over or not. Sweeny Murti brought up the fact that CC wont get many big years after this contract expires at age 35, but if he gets that new contract next year, he could get a few years extra then he has now. Anybody think that CC would actually leave the Yanks? After the Cliff Lee situation I'm not sure anymore. I could see him going somewhere else if it is a better fit for him.

Jimmy from Brooklyn
02-15-2011, 17:03
Well the popular belief seems to be that he will get himself a few extra years added on after this season. Go for it, it's a job after all.

02-16-2011, 02:42
I think this is something that has been unnecesarily blown out of the water by the media. A respectable and professional ballplayer is not going to be considering opting out next year when this season hasn't even started yet! It's like when people asked Jeter at the beginning of last season about his contract ending and what he was looking for in a new contract (and he told them he wasn't going to discuss it at that point in time). CC's #1 concern is going to be the present season and trying to win the World Series. All contract issues are handled and discussed once the season is over. Does anyone really expect CC to say, "Yeah I think I will opt out after this year, I don't want to play with these guys anymore" even if he does decide to? Haha obviously not, so why bother with the questions?
Personally, as a Yankees fan, I'd hate to see CC go (but don't think he will) and I hate seeing more uncertainty thrown over the ball club at the beginning of this season when there's already so much doubt and speculation thrown around.

02-16-2011, 11:17
Here's my question, can CC opt out and then resign with the Yankees or if he opts out doesn that mean only other teams can offer him a new deal? I would imagine the Yanks can bid like every other team and its his current contract he would be walking away from, not the team.

03-14-2011, 07:26
Yes once he opts out he can resign with the Yankees or with any other team