View Full Version : Should steroid use automatically ban a player from the Hall of Fame?

The Boss
02-17-2011, 13:22
I caught the end of the Benigno and Roberts show and they were debating if they would vote in certain players that are believed to have been Steroid users. You can't have a baseball forum in 2011 without talking steroids at some point, so I was wondering what people thought. I think the great players like Clemens and Bonds should get in, maybe with the slap in the face of in not being on the first ballot. The player that is boarder line, like Gary Sheffield for example, should be kept out because I have to assume he would have been a few notches lower in ability had he not used whatever it is he used.

The thing that kills me is how many more years would Don Mattingly have played and how many of his injuries would he have played through and recovered from more quickly if he had used HGH, steroids, or whatever else. That's the part that bothers me when i see these guys playig forever, when Donnie faded so fast.

So do you think Sammy Sosa with his 600+ Hr's and his 3 straight 60 hr seasons should be in the HOF?
Clemens, Bonds, McGwire, Sheff, etc?

Jimmy from Brooklyn
02-17-2011, 15:01
It's interesting to consider what Mattingly could have been had he used the Roids or designer versions of roids that people use today. As far as the hall goes, if you were allowed or able to perform and put up the numbers while using and they count, then blame the system, not the players. Dont allow a player to do something and then say he doesnt deserve credit for it. Plenty of the old time players diid things they should had been suspended for, we just dont know about it becuase nobody tweeted about it in the locker room

02-18-2011, 11:57
I'm not sure. I'm on the fence with this. There could be players that could be a lot better if they used steroids. But since steroids are illegal to use most players obviously don't use them and therefore might not play as well as they could... so it doesn't seem fair to other players for them to be in the hall of fame when they used an illegal substance to be stronger.

02-19-2011, 18:05
Yeah i don't really know, it's not fair that they were using steroids and the other players weren't. I think if they've used steroids almost all of their career they shouldn't be allowed into the HOF.

02-21-2011, 09:35
Good point, Alex, I hadn't thought of that. I think there is a big difference between players who used for long periods of time versus those who used steroids very little. I also think those who used it very little should be allowed in the HOF.

The Boss
02-23-2011, 09:51
It's kinda hard to be that cut n dry about it.. who used "a lot" or "a little"

02-23-2011, 13:38
Yes.. and thats one reason why its difficult to say who gets in the hall of fame and who doesn't. How do you determine who gets in and who doesn't. "a lot" is very vague.

03-02-2011, 01:40
I don't think it should. It seems like most players during the era were taking it. Even without steroids a guy like Bonds was still an all-time great.

Jersey John
03-05-2011, 17:24
im with Champ, are you just going to not put in any players that played in the last 30 years?

The Boss
04-09-2011, 15:49
I imagine this debate will pic back up on WFan when they talk about Manny retiring. To me, Manny is a HOFer, no doubt. If you are going to tell me that Manny does not get in then I dont know how any modern day player gets in. I can immediately think of Jeter and Mariano that are considered 100% clean by everybody and I am sure there are a few others, b'ut you can imagine that just about everybody in the modern era has used something they should not have to help them out.

Like Albert Pujols for example, is a monster of a man, even if he never gets caught in testing can you say you think he is 100% above suspicion? I'm sure I like the idea of one player getting in because he never got caught and the other getting left out because he did.

Georgia Roddy
04-09-2011, 16:13
I don't think Manny will get in his first year of eligibility. Ken Rosenthal (and several other writers/people who have votes) have said they would be wary to put in a steroid cheat right off the bat. McGwire isn't in yet and it may take him a long time. A lot of these guys cheated and didn't own up to doing it (which may make it worse). There may be a few years where the only players going in are voted by the older players.

People seem to have given the ones who owned up to it when the Mitchell report an easier go, such as Andy Pettitte. I believe Barry Bonds was on his way to a HOF career even before he supposedly started taking steroids. He was a great all around player with 5 tools. He could steal, had a great batting avg. was great in the outfield. He supposedly got cocky and jealous of McGwire/Sosa since they were beloved players because of their HR power.

If no one gets in other than the players/coaches/whatnot being voted in by the Alumni Committee - so be it. That's the way I feel.

A point about WFAN's own Mike Francesa: He raves about all these Yankees and they get a pass with steroids because they're Yankees. What a moron. He's been raving about how great A Rod is when people will call in comparing Derek Jeter's HOF status when he retires. Jeter hasn't been linked to steroids (or even thought of in that vein). Arod's stats I'm would guess have been bumped up due to his roid use. Francesa has Yankees blinders on.

Jersey John
04-11-2011, 22:39
I've heard on the FAN (I think joe and evan) some guys with votes dont even think Manny will be included on the ballot becasue nobody will consider him in any way.. Thats a crock, the man is an all time great hitter. You cant just ignore that.

05-18-2011, 01:12
If they are found to be using HGH it should make you ineligible. This will make sure the great players do not use it. I also think the first offense should be a 25 game ban. I think the way MLB is doing it now that if you fail the first time, your name is not published and basically you get a "You did bad" letter...Big deal. If i was a player i would use it and try my best to hide it because if you get caught nothing bad can happen to you.

The Boss
05-18-2011, 11:06
If they are found to be using HGH it should make you ineligible. This will make sure the great players do not use it.

Ok this country if full of people using illegal drugs with much higher consequences then just not making the Hall of Fame. Olympic athletes use banned substances all the time. Rules only affect the honest, the people that probably wouldnt use the drugs in the first place

05-18-2011, 23:59
I personally think any cheater shouldn't be recognized but we have to realize that steroids were an era in baseball. There were tons of guys doing it so to an extent you could make a case that maybe we should honor the players that were best during this era even amongst the allegations of them cheating the game. In my opinion if you don't even think about taking certain players that were linked with PED's then your almost ignoring a whole era of baseball. Ignoring history seems strange to me because afterall baseball knew what was going on but they weren't complaining when people in the late 90s started to watch the game because Bonds and McGuire were jacking balls out on a nightly basis