View Full Version : Links and Sig Pics

The Boss
02-26-2011, 15:22
Alright there have been a few spammers joining just to get their link posted on the site. They are being smart about it now though, they are actually posting on topic. The bottom line here is that I am going to make a rule now that Links have to be approved by either me or Junior. If you are any kind of a legit human then there will not be a problem, this is mainly for the spammers. And the size of the sigpic can not be any larger then the one I have, Alex has been making them all that size but someone has joined and has a massive one. thanks for understanding

02-26-2011, 15:55
I've noticed this too, you know you could remove the links and big signatures from their signatures if you wanted.

The Boss
02-28-2011, 19:19
I think i deleted them all. Nothing more annoying then huge pics and spam