View Full Version : Joe Benigno in for Francesa

Jersey John
02-28-2011, 13:43
I like Benigno when he goes solo on The Fan.. and I think he is in until tomorrow or Wednsday when Francesa comes back. I do like listening to Mike but I like hearing different people in his slot like during the holidays when you have Ed Coleman, Adam the Bull, Joe and Evan and the rest of the WFan roster seem to show up. The holidays continue for Mike giving the great Benigno a shot at afternoon drive radio.

I do like Joe with Evan every once in awhile. He is an original solo host and I always liked him on Overnights.

The Boss
02-28-2011, 21:41
I'll tell you what, if I was drafting a fantasy team I would take Joe B over the over nights, but i'm glad he's in the better slot for his sake, and it's good for him that he gets a new audience to hopefully attract more listeners in the mid day. One of the all time greats, Joe Benigno

03-01-2011, 09:55
Joe B is the best thing the WFAN can do to cover Francesa's spot to be honest.

03-03-2011, 01:23
Honestly I would prefer Evan solo but I think Joe is capable. Adam would be my first choice to replace the Sports Pope.

03-03-2011, 08:52
Joe does a good job by himself. He did it for so long. It's definitely different than when with Evan. I think he has a good rapport with the callers and I think he gets a lot of guys calling that listened to him in the overnights. He 'gets' that he is in the entertainment business as he revealed late last year and its added to the show.

Jersey John
03-05-2011, 14:48
I think Joe said he is doing nornings this week while Boomer and Carton are off. WFan is like a revolving vacation door at certain times of the year. I'm not sure if Evan is back to work with Benigno or if he will be solo again.