View Full Version : Steve Somers 1982 clip

The Boss
03-02-2011, 23:52
To honor the long time great WFan host Steve Somers, I decided to post this video from 1982 when the man was Scmoozing in Sacratomato doing sports on the local news. I think only big fans on Cap't midnight have seen this one on Youtube, so here you go:


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03-05-2011, 20:24
And about 6 or 7 years later, we Steve looking like a 70's porn star look. I like the banner with the New line up of Imus in the Morning and Pete Franklin Afternoons.


Jimmy from Brooklyn
03-07-2011, 22:13
Damn Steve Somers is one ugly dude.. A face for radio to be sure

The Boss
03-09-2011, 21:58
Man I love Steve Somers but he loses control at about 1:20! Who knew he was such a Giants fan anyway?? Another interesting point is Steve announcing the Lakers signing James Worthy!