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03-04-2011, 17:04
*This seems like a great topic of discussion that I wanted to start a thread about it.

I am personally a big fan of both Cervelli and Montero so this is a tough one for me. There's positives and negatives for both guys. I'm glad to see that they are each taking a positive approach to Spring Training, though.

I admire Cervelli's determination to improve by going to work with Cano in the offseason and time will tell how much of an impact that will have. Montero definitely has a lot of talent (I've personally seen the kid play), it's just a matter of seeing how well he can adjust to the majors from the minors.

Most of the talk from the team seems to be saying that Montero's got the job if he proves he can handle it. And then, if he can't, it'll go to Cervelli. So, in that respect, do you think that Cervelli's recent injury (broken foot, out for a month) will have a huge impact on that? Of course it can't help Cervelli's chances, but if they claim that it all depends on how well Montero performs can it really have a negative effect on his chances?

Personally, I wish we had this problem with pitchers where we had too many resonably talented players to choose from. LOL

The Boss
03-04-2011, 21:29
Well if Mantero is doing the job well at all I dont think they wold pull him just to start Cervelli. It might have been a tough call with a healthy Cervelli, but now it's just Montero, but who is his back-up? Is Jorge the back-up now? I'm pretty pumped about the catching situation too. As long as one of these guys pans out we have another solid catcher for many years!

03-05-2011, 03:04
Montero is a better player, but I'd rather him start in the minors than be a backup who doesn't get much playing time in the majors. However, I would definitely support Montero getting full playing time as a split DH and catcher.

Jimmy from Brooklyn
03-07-2011, 22:03
Russell Martin is the back up.. Montero is going to be the man until he really slumps.

03-10-2011, 02:54
I thought they declared Martin as the starter and Montero (possibly Cervelli, if Montero doesn't work out) as the back-up? I believe that was their plan for at least the start the season. I know they've got big things planned for Montero but they're not putting the rookie with no Major League experience out there on Opening Day. I do believe he'll get a lot more time than a normal back-up catcher usually does, though. The season is long and unpredictable so we can only guess how this situation will unfold come playoff time, but they got Martin for a reason and that was to be the starting catcher until Montero was capable of fulfilling that role.