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The Boss
03-07-2011, 10:12
Sid Rosenberg (http://www.sidrosenberg.com/) is back on WFan for today at least, filling in during the mid day show. I always like Sid with Imus, Joe or solo back in the day before the station canned him. It would seem Sid has things back in order in his life and I think he's going to be called back up whenever one of the few main slots becomes available.

Anybody want Sid to replace someone on WFan right now? What do you guys think about him?


Jack Coyle
03-07-2011, 10:30
Glad Sid is back. I have always enjoyed listening to him. I follow his twitter feed and have listened to his show down in Florida over the internet. I would love to have him back on WFAN full time. Go Sid!

The Boss
03-07-2011, 10:35
Sid just said he is back in Mid-days all this week, and in with Evan Roberts for a show on Saturday. I'm really pumped up to have Sid back all week. I like Benigno & Roberts just fine but It's been awhile since I heard Sid for more then a show at a time. Glad to have you back Sid!

Jimmy from Brooklyn
03-07-2011, 22:11
I wonder how much Evan likes this.. not only do Sids fans get to hear him in the mid day slot all week but he has to have him in on Saturday. He has to know that there is a huge amount for Sid to come back to WFan

The Boss
03-12-2011, 11:51
They are good together.. Sid doing battle with Steve in Howard Beach was nice to hear.

Come back soon Sid! Great to have you around for the week