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03-14-2011, 13:47
What does a monkey playing with his poop and Phil Mushnick writing a newspaper article have in common? .......They both have no clue what they are doing.

Who let this hack anywhere near a typewriter? Has he heard of the word "Google"? How can one man with such a bad hair piece get so many of his so called "Facts" wrong?

Moronic does not due justice to a man who writes an article criticizing all the things the Network and WFAN gets wrong and then half his article contains the wrong information. I know it must be tough to bang out 3 articles a week all the while wondering what type of animal had died on his head.

Mushnick's two big complaints are the graphics that are routinely shown on sports TV and of course Mike Francesa.

Graphics on TV - This one is easy...GET A FRIGGIN HD TV IDIOT. I can't for the life of me understand where he got a working 15" Black and White television in the first place. I know he has cable since that was the easy part, the hardest part of getting cable was waiting till his neighbor went to work and putting a splitter on his neighbor's paid cable line and running his stolen unpaid cable wire through the kitchen window. The hard part of course is going on ebay and bidding on all the tubes and transistors needed to keep his old B&W Philco TV Running.

As far as Mike Francesa, Phil must be in love with our afternoon drive host since he mentions him without fail week in and week out. I am sure Phil has a life size poster of Mike hanging over his bed...and please I don't want to think about what that banging noise coming from his apartment when Phil goes to bed at night alone with the lights off and the scented candles burning.

I am sure jealousy plays a big part in Phils love/hate affair with Francesa. How can you not be jealous when Francesa has a full length Wikipedia page chronicling his life's work, while Phil's Wiki page struggles to fill out a few sentences. Those poor people at Wiki must have felt like they were back in High School and the teacher handed out a 500 word essay assignment. Just like then Wiki used a lot of words like This, That, And, But in order to somehow get 500 words to chronicle the talents of one Phil Mushnick. Truthfully how many different ways can you create that describes the one word that Phil is most associated with.....FAILURE?

Beside his 3 time weekly failure of a column, Phil also bombed on WFAN as well as many other endeavors. Poor Phil he couldn't even buy a hairpiece that would escape public ridicule. Have you looked at his NY Post picture? Did Phil go into the taxidermist and say "I want that hairpiece on the right" after a few moments of utter frustration when the taxidermist could not locate the correct dead animal Phil said "No my other right"

Phil was in heaven there is not many places in the world that carry the "Little Rascals limited Edition Alfalfa" model hairpiece. Phil pulled out a new roll of double sided tape and after making sure of the hairpiece's flame retardant properties he left that store one happy person. True he hasn't had a date since 1981 and with his new look, the streak of dateless nights was sure to continue but, walking down the street with his just dry cleaned "Members Only" jacket and his new hairpiece he was strutting like John Travolta in the opening scene of "Saturday Night Fever".

So each week Phil changes the ribbon on his typewriter and gets to work on another made up fact filled story. In his latest article he goes after Madison Square Garden and their ticket price hikes. While true the garden and Jim Dolan raised ticket prices by an ungodly 48% amount but in truth if you remove the high priced tickets and the luxury boxes then the price increase drops to merely a ripoff as prices were only increased by 28%. But lord knows Phil has trouble with 1 + 1 so asking him to figure out a percentage increase would be like asking Hugh Hefner to marry someone his own age.

Phil stated that a $110 seat at the garden was now selling at close to $300 in truth according to people who actually own these season tickets the price went from $110 to $165. I have no clue where our encyclopedia of facts came up with this $300 figure but as you know $110 to $165 while a ripoff does not do justice to Phil's article so $110 to $300 sounds so much more outrageous and therefore fits into his outrageous article so much better. As you know Phil Musnick's moto has been and always will be "Never let facts get in the way of Mushnick's truth"

Phil is always pointing out how Mike Francesa is always wrong about his picks. Of course damn facts always seem to get in the way of his story so he just kinda skirts around the truth. An example of this is when the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks were playing the Super Bowl champions New Orleans Saints in the first round of this years playoffs Mushnick wrote how Francesa gave the kiss of death to the Saints when he picked them. Mushnick loves to imply that every single Francesa pick is wrong and you should bet the other way. Of course Phil leaves out the FACT that Seattle was a huge underdog and EVERYONE in this hemisphere picked the Saints to win. In fact most sports talk shows around the country never even talked about this game because everyone were expecting a blow out. Hell the big talk about this game was "Why was a team (Seattle) with a losing record was even playing in a playoff game?" But according to Phil it seems only Mike Francesa was dumb enough to pick the Saints.

Yes Phil Mushnick each and every week proclaims Mike Francesa was the second coming of the Grim Reaper as far as picks go. This week he went after Mike for picking Villanova over South Florida in the Big east tournament, I have to say shame on Mike for picking a #9 seed in the NCAA tournament over last place South Florida who cares if Vegas had SFU as a double digit underdog to Nova...Like Vegas knows anything!

written by Dominick from Hicksville

BTW I don't use periods, commas or anything else called punctuation correctly so if you want to whine, cry or scream about my butchering the English language then take a friggin number and get the "F" in line. I have written 5 novels and I pay my editor good money (Sometimes double) to make sense of what I wrote. As she puts I am a story tell not a writer and I 100% agree with her. So on forums I really am not going to spend what little I have (Authors make nothing) on correcting my diatribes...Thanks

03-14-2011, 18:02
Well said. I don't read mushnick but anybody that writes about someone as much as he does has issues. What's his problem with francesa? Did mike not treat him warmly when they met one time?

The Boss
03-14-2011, 19:58
Yea I don't know what his problem is. I think its possible that Mushnick knows Francesa has a big following of haters that just want to read someone bad mouth him (Francesa). Then again, I wouldnt know how often he write about Mike anyway, or what he says so....

03-15-2011, 00:32
I like Mushnick, but some of the stuff he says are too redundant. Wish he would interview some TV guys and radio too. Most of the stuff are too negavie.

Bob Raissman at least mix it up, which I enjoy him more than Mushnick.

Mushnick is right on with Francesa, but it seems this guy is too obessssed about Francesa.

At one time, Mushnick and Francesa were friends, but then Francesa decided not to have anything to do with him, and that's where Mushnick got personal.

The Boss
03-15-2011, 09:49
Oh they were friends back in the day and had some disagreement?

03-16-2011, 02:10
I read that from BobsBlitz.com.

In fact, Mushnick did an interview with BobsBlitz.com


Check this out.