View Full Version : J-E-T-S Spells Garbage

03-15-2011, 13:07
Jets fans should be proud of their organization today. After a season where the Jets hired half their roster by checking the police blotters for potential free agents the Jets out did themselves the other day by lowering themselves even further as an organization.

The moment the lockout was announced the Jets just as quickly cut the salaries of it's coaches and football operation employees such as scouts and while this is low they also informed the non-football employees to take a week off per month. Did the Jets somehow lose one penny on the first day of the lockout?

For a team willing to pay off Antonio Cromartie's $500,000 bill for back child support they now are desperate to save a few dollars by cutting the salaries of people that are living paycheck to paycheck.

When Rex Ryans foot fetish videos came out or when naked pictures of Rex Ryans wife were discovered on the internet the Jets did not bat an eye because as an organization they do far more disgusting things.

The Boss
03-15-2011, 20:26
Not the nicest thing to do, but its a lock out and not paying employees that are not working isnt exactly cruel and inhumane

03-16-2011, 00:11
Are they the only team to do this Mike Francesa? If you want to trash the Jets make it legit!

Jimmy from Brooklyn
03-21-2011, 15:01
Speaking of Francesa I think I heard him say last week that the Giants were doing this.. didnt hear him mention the Jets