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03-15-2011, 17:39
The NFL Players union requested that the 20 or so top college players that the NFL invites to Draft held in NYC to stay home and boycott the draft.

Within minutes after the public outrage was voiced the NFL players association did a 180 and said they will not request the players to boycott the event but instead when their name is picked and they go on stage to recieve their hat and jersey instead of shaking hands with commissioner Godell they instead shake hands with thew NFLPA director DeMaurice (lowlife) Smith.

What a joke this is. First off DeMaurice Smith claims he is fighting to keep out the Rookie wage scale when it's assured that the union would quickly give in on the Rookie wage scale to achieve other goals. Why would the current players care what a rookie makes in his first few years? In fact the players want this money to be split among active players or they want this money to be used to take care of the old players..

The players are crying that the owners need to give medical and finacial care to all the players that came before them...As long as they do it with money that does not come from their pockets which is why the union will cave in on the rookie wage scale.

So the union wants to ruin this one special day for not only the player but for their families as well. Mothers and fathers who sacrificed so much for their kids to make it to this draft are now being asked to forget all they did so players like Adrian Peterson who claim the NFL is a form of "Modern day slavery" can make millions more.

How dare the union try to take this day away from these kids. Kids I remind you that the union will be throwing under the bus when negotiations resume in the NFL dispute.

Written by Dominick from Hicksville

Jimmy from Brooklyn
03-21-2011, 15:02
That was such a load. What are people thinking?