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03-16-2011, 12:54
I wish I was able to call them today but as I was driving I heard Evan say something completely stupid.

Now Evan who is one of my top 3 or 4 host's on WFAN normally he takes the high road which some listeners don't like because unlike his partner Joe B who's opinions are cemented into the ground, Evan usually takes a stand and just as quickly explains he can see the other sides point of view.

Today Evan said he thought the NFL union trying to set up an alternate draft day party is a good idea and that he was all for it. OMG he is delusional.

First let me quickly explain the situation and I don't mean "The Situation" BOMBING on the Trump roast, I mean the draft party situation.

Each year the NFL brings the top 15 or 20 players to Radio City and when they get picked they go on stage, handed their teams hat and jersey and then shakes hands with Commissioner Goodell while having their picture taken.

It looks to be one of the most exciting times for these players and their families.

Evan's argument was simple the union should use everything possible to fight the owners because as he puts it "It's war and it's a street fight"

Evan Roberts could not be more wrong for a few reasons.

#1 - The so called "War" is between owners and players and NOT the public. There is no way either side can win the PR war in this lockout because the public could care less who wins. In fact the first thing the public will say is "look at the union taking advantage of these poor kids" making the owners look better.

#2 - The Union really wants to tell these kids "We want you to not enjoy the biggest day of your lives so you can join our cause and as a reward we will bargain away your right to make millions by letting the owners have a rookie wage scale because we could care less about you...youre not even in the union yet.

#3 - These players are NOT EVEN IN THE UNION YET!!!!!

#4 - To a player this day is not about them, it's about going on stage and having their Mom or Dad relish in the fact that "There is my boy on stage with 45 million people watching". It's about a kid who understands my parents did so much for me and now they are so proud of me seeing me up here shaking the commissioners hand.

#5 - It's a dream come true! I am sure these players watched last year as some of their teammates were up for the draft and watching every second a handful knew they had a great shot of being on stage this year.

Now Evan agrees with NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith. The same union who is throwing these kids under the bus. Smith wants something from these kids and is offering nothing in return. So what as Evan says "these kids will someday join the union"....someday is NOT TODAY!

If I was one of these kids I would say "Screw you and your PR move. At this moment I am no more than a bargaining chip and a pawn in your game with the owners. When I go on stage at radio City music hall I'll be a king for a day and you can go scratch your ass"

03-16-2011, 19:44
Is it my imagination or does Joe and Evan cherrypick callers for their show?

Why is it Benny from the Bronx gets to call everyday along with Ira from Staten Island?

I called those two often and often times, I hear the phone ring with no one picking up.

I always get through with the other guys on WFAN.

You raise great points about Evan, Dominick. He is too passive when it comes to taking a stand. I don't know if it's his age or what.
He is 27 years old, and I think he feels it's not his place or him being in the pecking order to go rip folks until he paid his dues.

03-16-2011, 20:40
They don't cherry pick per say, but it does sometimes take a real long time to answer the phone just let it keep ringing...Most times they are expecting a guest and rather than have you wait on hold they just don't answer the phone. As far as Joe and Evan a board shows who all the callers that are on hold so if they see a guy like Benny they will answer him first. I usually get picked quickly with "The Bull" because I have been talking to him for a long time...same thing with Tony Paige. Plus if they know your not a retarded caller then they will pick you more quickly.

03-16-2011, 21:36
I always get picked when I call Moose's show. Russell Mathis (great kid) loves me a lot.

I chatted with Ernie Acosta about this, and he will pick me if I call Evan again.

I wanted to call Evan last week. I wanted to rip him for assuming Seton Hall would play St. John when the Hall lost, but no one answered
and that bugged me.

The Boss
03-16-2011, 22:19
irst let me quickly explain the situation and I don't mean "The Situation" BOMBING on the Trump roast, I mean the draft party situation.

That was BRUTAL last night. I almost had to change the channel it was so uncomfortable.

Now I missed the show so i didnt hear this. Evan said that the draftees shouldnt show up at the draft? That cant be right.

Jimmy from Brooklyn
03-16-2011, 23:45
I think the Union is trying to stop the draftees from attending the Draft. the idea is to hurt the Event I guess