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03-18-2011, 23:38
Why is it when a reporter needs to make a name for himself or just wants some sort of publicity they always play the race card?

Andy Martino who covers the Mets for the NY Daily News brings up race as one possible answer for the dislike Met fans have or had (he was released 3/18) for Luis Castillo.

The strange thing is you can ask 100 people on the street about Luis Castillo and why they hated him and not one person would say: "Because he is Dominican".

I have been listening to WFAN for years and I heard get rid of this guy because "He dropped the A-Rod pop up" or "He has no range at 2nd and he hits like a sissy Mary" or "He is a bad influence on Reyes" I even heard "He walks around like he just sucked a lemon" but not once have I heard get rid of him because "I don't like him he's black"

Joe and Evan had him on air Friday and Andy Martino whined "I did not actually say it was a race issue I was just reporting what I heard" Two things Andy "Where did you exactly hear this?" and yes in your article you did not say Luis is not liked because of race, but you more than implied it.

You claim it's not a bad thing to bring up race, but again you are wrong! If race is brought up time and time again when there is a legitimate race issue, then we are numb to it and it makes the real story look less than what it is.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson bring race into everything. When we see them on TV what does the general public say? "Oh there is Al again screaming about something and I betcha he will say something about race"...which two seconds later he does. So bringing up an issue that has NOTHING to do with Met fans hating Luis Castillo is absurd.

By the way when you ask "Hey Luis do you think your being Dominican has anything to do with all the Met fans hating you?" well moron YOU just brought it up. If I write an email to my co workers and say: "Tom doesn't ask Joan out I wonder if it because he is maybe gay" What do you think people will think "Tom is gay" I can say all day "I never said he was gay I only asked what I heard" Even if NOBODY ever said it or even implied it.

Sorry Andy you wanted to be on WFAN, you wanted to be on MSG and you wanted callers to call the station and say your name and how this was a bad story. In these times when someone writes something stupid or inflammatory you get a lot of hits on your web site page and you get a lot of tweets and you go to bed happy thinking you're popular.

Sorry tonight you're going to bed as a moron...good night

Dominick from Hicksville

The Boss
03-19-2011, 09:54
Well i didn't know Andy Martino was the one that reported that but I did hear Francesa talking about it yesterday... It wasn't long ago that people were saying the Mets only signed hispanic players. if a player performs then fans will like them, if they don't then he fans will dislike them. The whole thing is just stupid.

03-19-2011, 16:09
This Martino guy can't be serious, "Los Mets" fans wouldnt be Mets fans if they hated Hispanics. Every player they signed for 3 years seems to be Hispanic!