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03-20-2011, 00:17
1. Philadelphia Phillies
Adding Cliff Lee and having Roy Oswalt for an entire season could make this staff historical. Loss of Jayson Werth and health of Chase Utley Hurts

2. Boston Red Sox
Added Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez over the winter. Beckett and Lackey looking for bounce back year.

3. New York Yankees
Losing out on Cliff Lee was a huge blow, and Petite not returning leaves the Starting rotation very thin. The 4th and 5th starters still not named

4. San Francisco Giants
Same rotation for the defending Champs, but believe it or not a weak offense got even weaker in the off season

5. Atlanta Braves
Acquisition of Dan Uggla will help spotty offense. If Tim Hudson can stay healthy they could challenge Phily for 1st

6. Cincinnati Reds
They have depth in their starting rotation and they should have Edinson Volquez for a full year

7. Texas Rangers
A big drop for the defending AL champs. Losing Cliff Lee isn't that big of a hit since Lee did not have a great regular season. After a wonderful year and an unexpected playoff run they must prove themselves all over again.

8. Minnesota Twins
The health of Nathan and Morneau needs to be answered, could drop big time if these players are not 100%

9. Milwaukee Brewers
Bolstered starting rotation with the addition of Zack Greinke. Expect huge numbers from Fielder who is in his walk year.

10. Colorado Rockies
Always a dangerous team, question is can this be the year they play late season baseball at the start of the year?

11. Chicago White Sox
They added Adam Dunn and have a solid team they could easily take the Central if Minny has any drop off.

12. St. Louis Cardinals
With the loss of Adam Wainwright for the year I'll keep them here for now till I can see where their starting pitching is at the start of the season

13. Tampa Bay Rays
Picking up Manny and Damon will not make up for all the lost players that went to division rivals over the winter. this could be a tough year.

14. Detroit Tigers
Added Victor Martinez and Joaquin Benoit. Miguel Cabrera has a rough winter with personal issues how the Tigers play this year depends on how these trouble effect him at the plate

15. Los Angeles Angels
Their owner was furious about last year’s performance and could make a big move during the season if things go south quickly.

16. Oakland Athletics
Adding Hideki Matsui and Josh Willingham should help a weak offense. Quality starting pitching rotation could make them the sleeper in the AL.

17. Los Angeles Dodgers
Offense is a huge question mark, especially with Kemp’s struggles last year. The ownership rivals the Mets for being a huge distraction.

18. Toronto Blue Jays
Expect a drop off from last years Offensive Juggernaut, but they do have a good deal of talent for the future.

19. Florida Marlins
Loss of Uggla hurts but they have a solid rotation that now includes Javier Vazquez.

20. Chicago Cubs
Average rotation, aging stars on offense. WFAN's Adam "The Bull" will just have to look forward to 2012.

21. New York Mets
A below average Starting rotation, Health concerns for Beltran and Santana. Could have a fire sale by the All-Star break and I wont even waste time on Maddoff and Wilpons.

22. San Diego Padres
Now in full-on rebuilding after last years wonderful year that just fell short at the finish

23. Baltimore Orioles
They have a formidable line-up, but their pitching remains untested. If starting pitching holds together they could make a run at 3rd place in the tough AL East

24. Washington Nationals
Overpaid for Werth and with no Strasburg this team will be fighting to stay out of the cellar

25. Arizona Diamondbacks
Selling everything and now are in for a long rebuilding process

26. Seattle Mariners
King Felix might be the best pitcher in baseball but that won't help the mariners from finishing last in their division.

27. Houston Astros
When Brett Myers is their best player nothing else needs to be said

28. Cleveland Indians
Carmona's will be hot name on the trading blogs and in the Yankee forums, other than that help is on the way but looks like a long season ahead.

29. Kansas City Royals
These guys are the future Tampa Bay Rays. They have by far the best minor league system in the MLB.

30. Pittsburgh Pirates
At least when they play horribly it's in one of the nicest parks in the MLB...Too bad no one is there to appreciate it.

Dominick from Hicksville

The Boss
03-20-2011, 08:30
You never know, but it's hard to argue with any of this at this point. Are these your rankings?

03-20-2011, 10:46
Yes these are my rankings and every week of the season I'll update them

Jimmy from Brooklyn
03-21-2011, 15:00
I think your top 3 are the same as everybodys' right now. It hard dispute it but in the end none of it matters. its which 4 teams make the post season and then which one gets hot at that time.

03-23-2011, 23:29
The top three is pretty much the cream of the spring season crop but as you said it is not where you start but where you finish. I am sure if you go back to last years spring training rankings, you would not find the SF Giants anywhere in the top 10 teams.

03-24-2011, 08:09
I dont think the Giants would be your #4 this year if they didn't win last year too. he's got his ring,but I always expected Tim Lincecum to get hampered by injuries before he ever got his career going... his delivery just screams injury to me. No matter what happens now, he's got that ring, but the joints (elbow and marijuana) might prevent a real lengthy career.