View Full Version : Jon Jones vs Shogun

Jimmy from Brooklyn
03-21-2011, 15:16
Anybody see this fight? Jon Jones completely beat Shogun into submission. I think he hit shogun dead in the face with at least 10 each fists, elbows,, knees and feet. he connected so many times that the time he spent in Shoguns guard is all that extended that fight into the 2nd round. I heard Jones was from NY but I'm not sure about that.

Not to take away from the performance, but Jones dominated highly because of his size and strength advantage... he was massive compared to Shogun. He had to weigh around 225 or so when that fight kicked off

The Boss
03-25-2011, 22:06
That was an awesome display. Jones wiped him out. I dont happen to think SHogun is a dominate Lightweight but he is experienced and crafty but he was brutalized on Saturday