View Full Version : UFC 129 - GSP vs Shileds

Jimmy from Brooklyn
03-21-2011, 15:33
I'm not sure who else is on the card but i dont expect much because I think the UFC plans GSP to sell the event all by himself. As far as the fight goes I expect GSP to win this one by talking his opponent down and controlling him for the duration of the fight. What else ever happens in a GSP fight? Jake Shields has a nice highlight reel of submission and I can only hope he makes GSP rather stand and blow then lay on him for 25 minutes. Heres a decent review someone did on Youtube


The Boss
03-25-2011, 22:01
GSP needs to meet Anderson Silva, and soon too, before people can say one of them was over the hill or injured. As far as this fight goes, I like to watch any dominate fighter, but GSP isnt my favorite. He should clean up the mat with Shields though

The Boss
04-30-2011, 12:53
The big night is almost here. And luckily there are 2 other real big fights to watch:

1) Randy Couture vs Lyoto Machida - Analyzing this one is simple enough - Look for Randy to shoot early and look for Machida to be looking for it and be trying to strike from a good distance. If Randy can get ahold of Machida I like his chances, if not, I like Machidas.

I happen to think Randy is a better fighter and really only loses when he is given up 40 pounds, So I take the 47 year old Randy Couture to win this one

2) Jose Aldo vs Mark Hominick - I know Aldo is dominate and it will be great to see him fight. I expect him to clean up against this Canadian.

The card features an incredible 12 fights, 5 on Facebook, 2 on Spike and 5 on the PPV

04-30-2011, 17:38
Thanks for the heads up! GSP all the way tonight! And Machida via body kick and Aldo via submission

The Boss
05-01-2011, 00:41
Sad night - Randy Couture says he is done after being knocked out with a kick to the face. GSP Bored me again. Aldo didnt look very energetic but he looks like he is very well rounded