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The Boss
03-22-2011, 13:50
Video from NFL.com (http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-videos/09000d5d81ee39ce/Kickoff-rule-changes-approved)

Possible taking challenges away from coaches is mentioned. Check it out.

NEW ORLEANS -- NFL kickoffs will take place at the 35-yard line -- not the 30 -- under a modified kickoff proposal passed by the league's owners at the NFL Annual Meeting on Tuesday, according to a league source. The proposal keeps touchbacks at the 20 and continues to allow the two-man blocking wedge.

The league's competition committee originally had proposed moving touchbacks up to the 25, eliminating the blocking wedge and limiting coverage players from long run-ups. The league reduced the number of players allowed in a blocking wedge to two in 2009.

The owners tabled the vote on changing some of the language on defenseless receivers.

A proposal to allow the replay official to review all scoring plays at any time during games also passed, but the third challenge remains -- coaches can get a third challenge if they win two challenges

It seems this will take the return out of the game.. maybe they noticed that a lot of injuries are happening on the fast moving special teams plays.

03-22-2011, 14:06
Yea it seems that they just want a whole bunch of touchbacks and hopefully cut down on the injuries. I think this will be better for the game. Also remember that the kickoffs were getting returned for good yardage and teams did not have to go far to be in field goal range.

I would love to see the field goal posts closer together making the field goal much harder so when a team is on their 35 yard line and have a 4th a 3 they would go for the first down instead of the 3 points.

The Boss
03-23-2011, 09:11
Kickoffs can be big plays, but its not the norm. Usually the return man get out around the 25 and goes down, but at least you have the possibility of a big return until he is down.. now I expect many more touchbacks, which offer no excitement. Boomer and Carton mentioned the biggest point earlier.. The return man and deep kicker positions are far less valuable now than before. Thats 2 players to save money on paying