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03-25-2011, 23:30
The charges against Barry Bonds in U.S. District Court in San Francisco has nothing to do with hitting home runs, Babe Ruth or the Hall of Fame, The former San Francisco Giants star is on trial for allegedly lying to the grand jury in 2003.

That simple fact seems to be lost to the general public who are following and commenting on this trial.

Not the Government, Major League Baseball and not even the fans brought this drama to reality, Barry Bonds's ego is the reason he is standing trial today.

Barry Bonds was given immunity when he testified in front of a Grand Jury who at the time was hearing testimony about BALCO. On the first day of Bonds's trial Assistant U.S. Atty. Matthew Parrella told jurors. "All he had to do was tell the truth. That's all he had to do, was tell the truth, but he couldn't do it. And the evidence will show that he planned not to do it."

In 2003 Bonds, who's body as well as his ego, was well past "big" and quickly approaching comic book size proportions, I assume based on the testimony so far, his testicles were just as quickly going in the opposite direction. Bonds's ego could not even dream of telling the world he was using steroids. After so many times telling us straight faced "Steroids?...What are Steroids?", he now sat in that witness chair, and he was not about to start telling the truth now.

Bonds's ego believed he was untouchable and no one, not even the United States Government was big enough to bring him down. Barry Bonds the man was just riding shotgun while Barry Bonds's ego drove him right off a cliff.

For years stories, books and blogs reported how Bonds could not possibly be doing what he was accomplishing at his age. Defying all logic, Bonds was getting better with age, which works well with some alcoholic beverages, but with humans it's a different story.

As I do my research for this article I find it astonishing that more than a few people are commenting in favor of Bonds and/or the necessity of having this trial at all.

Comments like: "You have to be kidding me...A trial?", "Couldn't this money be used to help schools, instead of spending it on this silly case?", "So what if he took steroids? Did it really hurt anyone?" I find these comments both egregious and moronic.

I assume these people believe it is perfectly fine to just go right through a stop sign, It's not like you hit anyone?, I am sure it would be perfectly fine with these people to teach your child it's OK to lie, as long as it's really not hurting anyone?

Yes, indeed the money that is being spent on the Barry Bonds perjury trial could have been used for much more urgent matters, but do I really want to live in a country that decides who gets charged with a crime, based on how much the public is willing to spend on a trial?

If that's the case Lindsey Lohan is alleged to have stolen a $2,500 necklace, I wonder what the going rate would be for having a worthwhile trial on her? It's not like anyone got hurt and the store did get their necklace back...so no biggie. At worst it's an oops moment and it's time to move on and save a few bucks.

The Simple fact is a man who was granted immunity so he could not get into any trouble no matter what he said...STILL could not tell the truth.

I wonder why none of these people commenting ever cares about the people Bonds lied to? Isn't their time as important? The people who served on that Grand Jury had to put their lives on hold to do their civic duty, and in reward they got to hear someone spin a tale how he was completely innocent of any wrong doing, even if he wasn't being accused of anything.

A juror who now sits in a hard wooden chair listening to Bonds say "I thought it was flax seed oil" wonders if her child made it home from school safely.

A dad checks his watch, knowing all too well that he will probably not see his son play in his little league championship game, as Bond's spins a tale about having no idea what was in that syringe his trainer was about to shove in his ass.

Many people sitting on that Grand Jury listening to Bonds tell them how naive he was, when it comes to steroids, had to miss work that day all because their number was called and for what? $10 a day in compensation. Yes, some work places do pay their employees if they get called, but what if that person owned a small business, who would make up for that persons lost wages?

It is fascinating reading all the wonderful comments from Barry Bonds's fans. They don't know anything about the man, but they defend him like he was a family member.

Except maybe being a few hundred feet from him, while they attended a baseball game, 99.9% of these people defending him, never even seen Bonds in person, but still they treat him like he's their best buddy in the whole wide world.

Barry Bonds is not on trial for lying to the Grand Jury, he is on trial because he lied to all the people who put their lives on hold to hear a mans ego spin a tale all in order to protect an already tarnished image.

written by Dominick from Hicksville

BTW I don't use periods, commas or anything else called punctuation correctly so if you want to whine, cry or scream about my butchering the English language then take a friggin number and get the "F" in line. I have written 5 novels and I pay my editor good money (Sometimes double) to make sense of what I wrote. As she puts I am a story teller not a writer and I 100% agree with her. So on forums I really am not going to spend what little I have (Authors make nothing) on correcting my diatribes...Thanks

The Boss
03-26-2011, 10:12
I think Francesa brought up the idea that the government is wasting 1,000 times more on other meaningless things we never hear about on a daily basis. If you want Bonds to be punished for lying and are willing to spend tax dollars to do it then you better win the case, thats all I'm saying. Don't spend X amount of dollars on this and wind up losing the case. it might be important to uphold honesty, put I think there are probably a million other things we could spend this cash on that would make more sense then this

03-26-2011, 23:39
Complete waste of time and money!

The Boss
03-28-2011, 12:59
I'm listening to Francesa now.. and John Minko's report says Kimberly Bell, Bonds' ex-girl had testified that Bonds blamed his elbow injury that he had on Steroids saying the muscles and tendons grew to fast and the joint couldnt keep up with it.. something to that effect. I'm not sure if Minko said this was her quote, but someone testified that Bonds needed a larger hat to start the 2002 season.