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03-26-2011, 15:59
The New York Mets one of baseballs most highly valued and publicized franchises, is floundering under the weight of mounting dept, bad publicity and pending lawsuits from their Maddoff ponzie scheme association.

According to the NY Times story by Michael S Schmidt and Richard Sandomir "The team’s losses — projected to hit another $50 million or more this season". This can only mean more trouble for an already very troubled franchise.

For teams like the Florida Marlins, who on occasion proceed to dump all their stars in one off season in an obvious cost cutting move, or the Pittsburgh Pirates who routinely trade arbitration eligible stars for less costly prospects, losses are routine and expected. These team owners rely on baseball’s revenue-sharing pool to keep the team as a whole profitable.

For the New York Mets these reported losses are devastating, with a payroll of nearly 140 million, unlike a small market team, the Mets are supposed to be one of the few elite teams that should be vying for a playoff spot year after year.

When the cool winds of September started to blow across the Mets home park, Citi Field last year, the team instead of gearing up for a late season playoff run, found themselves in the disheartening position of fighting just to stay out of 4th place in the tough NL eastern division.

The Mets weren't always so loathsome, in fact just a few short years ago the team was a wonderful mixture of tough veteran leadership and young up and coming talent that held the promise of the Mets being contenders for years to come.

In 2006 The Mets won the division, but lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship Series. Looking back across time it seems when Endy Chávez made without a doubt one of the greatest catches in baseball playoff history it marked the begging of the end of entertaining baseball in Queens NY.

Tied, entering the sixth inning of Game 7 of the NLCS, the Mets leftfielder went up and over the wall and made what is simply known today as "the Catch". At the time the Mets fans almost in unison screamed "Oh, my God!" for they witness something miraculously unexpected and that all Met fans hoped would propel their "Amazin's" into the World Series.

The Mets amazing ride came to an abrupt end just a few innings later, as Carols Beltran stood helplessly frozen, watching Adam Wainwright's slow curveball cross the plate and ending what had been a wonderfully exciting season. The Mets fans while heartbroken still had reason to believe this was only the start of things to come.

No one at the time could ever have dreamed that Endy Chávez's catch would send the Mets on a downward spiral that to this day seems to have no end. It seems almost surreal that such an exciting and miraculous play could usher in an era of complete futility.

The following year the Met fans were over their bitter disappoint of last years playoff run. Mets fans were brimming with confidence that their team would continue down the road of being a perennial contender. With young up and coming stars the fans enthusiasm was well founded.

Jose Reyes the exciting Dominican born shortstop bubbled with enthusiasm. David Wright a budding young superstar, who had quickly became a fan favorite seemed destined to become the power hitting superstar that the Mets lacked for most of their 46 years in existence. Oliver Perez so full of promise but after those wonderful playoff pitching performances in the 2006 playoff run looked to be on the threshold of finally putting it all together.

For Mets fans who agonized watching their cross town rival Yankees be in playoff contention year after year...Mets fan knew "Now, it's our turn"

The 2007 season opened with the Philadelphia Phillies as the predicted front-runners. While the Mets and Phillie's were hated rivals, this was truly the first era that had both teams playing at a high level. The Mets and Phillies battled all year and on September 12th the Mets having built up a seven-game lead on the Phillie's looked to be assured of winning the NL eastern division pennant.

Instead of another exciting playoff run the Mets did the impossible and suffered one of the worst collapses in MLB history. As fans watched helplessly, the Mets floundered and lost 12 of their last 17 games and missed the postseason.

2008 brought Mets fans another season, and another collapse. Since "The Catch" every season brought another leak to the Mets slowly sinking boat. Each off season management plugged one leak, while two others sprung to life.

As another baseball season opens this week, Mets fans everywhere know the boat is beyond repair and by years end it will have finally gone under.

When the ump yells "Play ball" this week, it only puts more distance between Edny's catch and the latest incarnation of futility.

It's going to be a long...long season.

written by Dominick from Hicksville

BTW I don't use periods, commas or anything else called punctuation correctly so if you want to whine, cry or scream about my butchering the English language then take a friggin number and get the "F" in line. I have written 5 novels and I pay my editor good money (Sometimes double) to make sense of what I wrote. As she puts I am a story teller not a writer and I 100% agree with her. So on forums I really am not going to spend what little I have (Authors make nothing) on correcting my diatribes...Thanks

The Boss
03-26-2011, 16:32
People forget that the Mets were pretty and and everything BUT division champs up until 2 years ago. I think it might be a stadium curse..?

03-26-2011, 23:40
But how many decades will this continue? ;)