View Full Version : Girardi names Starting 5

The Boss
03-26-2011, 16:14
And it goes like this

1 - Sabathia
2 - Burnett
3 - Hughes
4 - Nova
5 - Garcia

Colon goes to the Bullpen. As a Yankee fan I cans say I feel fine about this rotation, the 5th starter can be avoided a few times if he is that awful, and the Yankees will pick up a good starter to replace their worst one when the opportunity presents itself. Even if I thought Colon was better then Garcia It wouldnt be enough to upset me. Any thoughts?

03-26-2011, 23:46
I heard Girardi on the radio today during the game with John Sterling, and he said something about Colon could adjust to the bullpen better then Garcia, does that make sense to anyone. But as long as Burnett is ok and Nova can go .500 the team should be good