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03-26-2011, 23:52
In the last 19 days, UConn has written an unbelievable story filled with ankle breaking cross overs, unexpected heroes and no basketball fairy tale would be complete without a last second buzzer beater.

For nearly three weeks, The Huskies have been writing a "To good to be true" epic. After beating Arizona 65-63 Saturday in the West regional, the story still has at least one more chapter to be written.

On March 8th, UConn started the Big East Tournament ranked 19th in the nation, but in arguably the best conference in NCAA men's basketball, UConn was just a lowly #9 seed as the eleven team Big East Championships got under way.

As the fans filed into Madison Square Garden to watch the opening tip off of the tournament, UConn was just cannon fodder for teams such as St. Johns, Georgetown and Pittsburgh.

Five excruciating days later, the basketball world was turned upside down. When the final buzzer echoed through Madison Square Garden, bringing an end to the 2011 Big East Tournament, UConn was the only team still standing.

For one night at least, no one was talking about anything other than the five day epic UConn had just completed. WFAN's callers both pro and con congratulated UConn on the teams uncompilable run in winning the big east crown.

The Huskies accomplished something that five days earlier no one would have thought possible. Winning five games in five nights would seem impossible, but making four of their opponents nationally ranked teams, could be considered nothing less than a fantasy.

As callers on WFAN continued to telephone in their congratulatory messages, no longer were UConn's talent questioned, that had been asked and answered, now the detractors of coach Jim Calhoun's UConn Huskies questioned their stamina.

Even the Huskies faithful had to question how much gas was left in the tank when after the final buzzer sounded, Kemba Walker the unquestioned leader of the Huskies, answered reporters "Now that the tournament's over, I can definitely tell you that I was tired," Walker said. "With about two minutes to go, I was gassed. I just wanted to win this game so bad, my heart took over."

As the NCAA's Championships got underway, unlike the Big East tournament, UConn now had the well earned respect of the basketball community, and it was recognized as one of the top teams in all of college basketball.

As March Madness began, UConn's name once again was hardly mention on talk radio, or when commentators were announcing who they thought would make it to the final four.

Universally every person who covered, watched or talked college hoops knew the story of how this Connecticut team just a few days earlier, completed an almost fairy tale like run. Now the only question in their minds was. "When will the clock strike midnight on this exhausted group of players?"

After tonight's hard fought victory over the Arizona Wildcats, it seems there are still a few seconds left on the clock.

UConn failed to give in to it's detractors, It refused to listen to all the experts who said UConn just couldn't have anything left to make a serious run in the NCAA's. UConn showed analyst everywhere, that you just cant judge a team by size, talent and fitness alone, when judging this UConn Huskies team, heart needs to be factored in as well.

When the Big East Tournament got under way eleven teams started. Ironically, The NCAA committee invited an unprecedented eleven Big East teams to the big dance and, once again only UConn remains standing.

Written by Dominick Mezzapesa
WFAN caller Dominick from Hicksville

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The Boss
03-27-2011, 00:28
Theyre on a roll, no doubt. They held off that surging Arizona team, there was a spot in the 2nd half when Zona took the lead. - They had about 5 huge dunks in 2 minutes and were dominated like the did against Duke. UConn hung in and hit their shots down the strech, great game and UConn sure is rolling

The Boss
04-03-2011, 21:43
You picked a good team to write about Dom, they till wont give it up. They SHOULD win it all!