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03-31-2011, 15:49
Tuning into South Florida's WQAM 560 AM, any weekday from 3pm to 7pm the moment you hear his voice there is no denying who this fast talking, sometimes controversial host is. Love him, or hate him, one thing is for sure, Sid Rosenberg is a unique talent.

Just Google "Sid Rosenberg" and you'll see a number of sites that chronicle a past that is incredibly hard to define. Ask anyone who listens to him regularly to describe this transplanted New Yorker, talking sports in Miami, and you'll get words like, talented, hurtful, funny, insane, thoughtful, joyous, in truth, there is just no way to describe him or his complicated and at times almost painful past.

To me that is the wondrous talent of Sid Rosenberg, on any given day, or for that matter, any given minute, you'll never know which Sid you'll be getting, which makes for a show that will keep you entertained each and everyday he is on.

It is so easy for any reporter looking to get some attention by writing a negative story on a radio host who is so colorful. So you'll see plenty of people knocking Sid, but the problem I have with these articles is they always leave out the good that Sid does. If a reporter who is writing a negative article about him without at least acknowledging in some small way, that the man does good things as well, then that reporter is nothing more than a person seeking to get Sid or someone to respond so they can see or hear their name somewhere.

What ever side of the fence you fall on, as far as Sid's talents are concerned, there is no denying his help in the fight to end SIDS which stands for Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

As the name implies, SIDS is the sudden and unexplained death of an infant who is younger than 1 year old. To all parents it's a frightening prospect because it can strike without warning, usually in seemingly healthy babies. A lack of answers is part of what makes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) so frightening and with Sid lending his voice to this cause, hopefully the questions asked, will finally have answers.

Years ago I read somewhere "A parent should never outlive their child" I understood it more than most, because my parents lost their 2nd son just weeks after he came into their lives. As a parent myself, it's an event we don’t even dare envision much less prepare for, but as any parent knows, the fear is always with us.

Like all mom's they relish in their children's accomplishments, so she is proud when I bring her a novel or an article I have written, but this is one article I could never show her. It's been 55 years since the brother I have never known past away and even today I can still see the pain in my mothers eye's whenever he is mentioned or when a newborn joins our ever growing family.

While I was born 7 years after he touched and then left our family, my brother will always be with me because I had the honor of being named after him. So this article has more meaning than just writing about the wonderful things Sid does in helping to prevent other families from ever feeling this pain.

On April 16th, I will become a Grandfather for the first time. On that day I will hold my grand daughter Anastasia, and a part of me will thank Sid Rosenberg, his listeners and all the others who fight not only to stop SIDS, but anything that wants to harm our most precious gifts.

The past week Sid asked all his listeners to join his "Sid's Homerun Derby" To enter it will cost $50 and proceeds from this endeavor will benefit his "Sid 4 SIDS" foundation.

I understand times are tough right now, as many others are, I am without a job right now as well. Donating $50 may be tough for us at the moment, but hopefully you or at least someone you know will be in a position to help this worthwhile cause.

When I saw Sid's Homerun Derby Contest on his site www.sidrosenberg.com, I immediately wanted to do more than just join and donate my $50. I Tweeted Sid (@sidrosenberg) and asked him for permission to write this article and he enthusiastically gave me his blessings. Hopefully a few of you reading this article will have time to sign up and not only help a great cause, but you'll have a chance to win some great prizes as well.

Sid friends like AAA Universe provided the first prize a 50" HDTV. LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat, provided Sid with an autographed NBA basketball for the 2nd place winner. The Mets and Marlins also pitched in to help in Sid's cause, but it goes without saying the greatest prize of all is knowing you helped.

I am sure Sid would refuse the credit he so richly deserves, but none-the-less from myself, his many listeners and for the millions of parents, we thank you Sid for lending your name, and your efforts in helping to fight against SIDS.

If you are reading this after April 2nd, no worries you can still help "Sid 4 SIDS". Go to Sids website www.sidrosenberg.com and click on the"Sids 4 SIDS" link.

Written by Dominick Mezzapesa
e-Mail mezz1962@optonline.net
Twitter @dmezz1120

The Boss
04-03-2011, 21:25
Well said Dom, I can't imagine having something like this hit home like it does for so many. I thank God everyday my children are healthy and pray it continues for many years.

Jersey John
04-04-2011, 10:45
Nothing worse I can imagine to losing a child. hopefully SId and others can help learn more about this.