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04-06-2011, 21:41
It's time Major League Baseball to revamp their playoff system. The wild card, while in theory is a great addition to the MLB playoff's, the execution of the wild card is a joke.

Last year the Yankees, basically handed the AL East to Tampa Bay, Why? because there is no penalty for finishing as the wild card winner, rather than winning the division. The only thing you really lose is one home playoff game...big deal, if you're the New York Yankees with their bloated 200 million dollar payroll, and vast playoff experience, starting the playoffs on the road is not really a setback.

It is time for Major League Baseball to add an additional wildcard team, and then have a 1 game "play in" game, between the two wild card teams. This will mean finishing first in your division is much more important, because of the threat of a one and done game.

What will it mean if the MLB expands the wildcard to two teams in each league?

Coming down the stretch it will have a wider impact as far as fan involvement, and fan excitement.
A free money making game for the owners, guaranteed to be a sell out.
A bonus, big rating TV game
A one game, high intensity game 7 type atmosphere to start the playoffs.
Odds are the Red Sox or Yankees are pretty much assured of being at worst in this "One and Done" playoff game.
It gives other teams hope, because year in year out most people feel that the Yankees or Red Sox would be the wildcard team at worst.

Have the two Wild Card winners, face off the day after the season ends. Best record has the home field and it's a bonus if the Yankees have to fly to Oakland, or Seattle has to fly cross country to play the Red Sox. It's time for Major League Baseball to actually make it a deterrent being the wild card winner.

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The Boss
04-06-2011, 23:14
I'm not sure what I am in favor of with the baseball, but I know I am not in love with the current set up. I know one thing I hate is the fact that if a wild card is from the same division as the number 1 team, they wont play in the first round. Thats bogus.