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04-08-2011, 06:58
Could Mike Pelfrey, the New York Mets pitcher, still be feeling the after effects of losing Harvey Dorfman, the noted sports psychologist who helped the overly sensitive Pelfrey handle adversity?

Pelfrey the young 27 year old pitcher, having already shown a tendency to lose his focus on the mound, relied on Dorfman to smooth out the rough waters of pitching under the bright lights of Broadway.

Dorfman who died this past February, and who according to Pelfrey, "There wasn't a start that went by when I didn't talk to him afterward," Pelfrey said. "This is really sad. He meant a lot, helping me handle my emotions on the mound and slowing the game down. Baseball and the world lost a very good man."

Dorfman became a full-time consultant teaching the skills of sport psychology and staff development for the Scott Boras Corporation, an agency that represents Pelfrey, had an impressive resume and was well known in baseball circles. He earned World Series Championship rings by serving in this capacity for the 1989 Oakland A's and the 1997 Florida Marlins. In 1999.

Chosen by the New York Mets in the 1st round (9th overall), of the 2005 amateur draft, with Johan Santana's injury, and buoyed by Pelfrey's performance of last year, where he went 15-9, with a 3.66 ERA on a 79 win team, the Mets made Pelfrey the teams #1 starter. Now, one has to wonder with the pressure of being named the Mets ace, combined with Dorfman's passing, if Met's may have made a horrible decision that could have a disastrous effect for the team, and more importantly destroy the all too fragile psyche of their young, player.

Pelfrey was on the mound for the Met's when they faced the Florida Marlins to open the 2011 season, After a few rocky innings where Pelfrey was able to escape any damage, he imploded in the the 4th when John Buck hit a grand slam sending Pelfrey to an early shower and a Met 6-2 opening day loss.

Opening a 3 game set in Philadelphia with an easy 7-1 victory, the Mets sent out Pelfrey to the mound for his second start, Wednesday night, to face off against the Phillies #5 starter Joe Blanton. Coming into the game it was thought with the Met's sending their supposed "Ace" against the Phillies #5 starter would have been huge advantage, unfortunately Pelfrey never made it through the 3rd inning.

It only took 50 pitchers to cast further doubt on the notion that Pelfrey is the Mets true ace. He allowed eight hits and seven runs, including Ryan Howard's monstrous solo homer on a first-pitch curveball.

"It's only two starts," manager Terry Collins said. "We can't overreact right now. I know he'll do better." While it is just two outings and there is still time to improve, one has to wonder if naming him the #1 starter, combined with the loss of Dorfman has broken Pelfrey's fragile psyche?

It would have been a much better choice in naming R.A. Dickey the #1 starter, since Dickey after toiling for years in the minors was in a much better position to handle the immense psychological pressure associated with being the number one pitcher, on a team already under heavy media attention from the Met's ownership problems.

Since there is no way to undo that disastrous decision, they only thing left to do is trade Pelfrey, the next time the pitcher has a nice 5 or 6 game winning streak.

The Met's need to package the young pitcher, with some other prospects for a pitcher like Cleveland's Fausto Carmona, the real question is can Pelfrey actually put a winning streak together long enough to increase his trade value?

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The Boss
04-08-2011, 08:07
Hard to imagine they would hold on to a guy in NY that was fragile to begin with. If he needs a calming talk after you have to know it cant last forever. Lets just hope he doesnt lose it as bad as Mike Tyson

04-08-2011, 11:33
He is far better off in a place like Cleveland or Cincinnati where there is a lot less media

Jersey John
04-08-2011, 16:16
Pittsburgh is beautiful this time of year