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04-08-2011, 19:08
This is more than just a simple case of "dead Arm", it's time for the Yankees to admit there is something wrong with Phil Hughes.

You will read on most game recaps of Boston's 9-6 win over the Yankees, that Phil Hughes topped off at 92 MPH, but that's not quite accurate. Hughes threw 47 pitches in today's game, and Hughes was able to throw 1 pitch that reached 92 MPH, and two others pitches at 91 MPH, the rest of the day he was consistently throwing 89-90 MPH which makes that "Topping off at" quote almost comical.

This is a serious issue for the Yankees right now, already having a suspect starting rotation, if Hughes needs to spend any significant time on the DL, it could make for a bad predicament. True, it was only his second start, but consistently throwing between 88-90 MPH, from their young star who normally throws between 92-95 MPH and occasionally touching 96 mph, should be sending chills through the Yankees front office.

Unbelievably, the question of Hughes diminished speed never was asked by Kim Jones during her Yes network after game interview with Manager Joe Girardi. When asked by Jones about Hughes short outing, Girardi answered "It's a lack of location." The way Girardi never even mentions Hughes lack of speed, should speaks volumes.

Girardi is quite correct to be worried about Hughes location, but at this point his velocity should be #1 on the "Phil Hughes Worry List." A badly located 94 MPH pitch still has a very good chance of being missed, or at least fouled off, but an 89 MPH badly located ball means, there is a very good chance it will leave the ball park.

Alarm bells rang even more loudly when Phil Hughes started answering questions in his press conference. When asked what happened today, Hughes answered "I knew the arm strength wasn't there" Which is a scary statement, but what alarmed me more was the fact that he said "He threw cutters, and anything else just to try and get some outs", basically admitting he gave up on throwing his 4-seam fastball.

Rarely does a pitcher just completely abandon his fastball, since all their other pitchers are set up from it. When a pitcher goes away from his fastball it's usually because he cannot locate the pitch, rarely do you ever hear "lack of speed" as the reason, because it's means something is wrong, physically.

From my experience the reason a pitcher loses speed is due to tightness, or fatigue, but no mention was made of any tightness, and since this is only his second start, fatigue should not have been an issue in the first inning of today's game.

For all the hoopla that normally surrounds any Yankee vs Red Sox, today had the added excitement of being opening day at Fenway, Hughes should have at least been able to feed off the crowd buzz, and get a little adrenalin rush in that first inning, so being able to throw just one pitch at 92 MPH makes this a much more serious situation than just building up arm strength.

The Yankees love to circle the wagon when they feel their is a potentially serious problem with one of their players. In the past the Yankees rarely mention the real trouble effecting a particular ball player, until that player is suddenly placed on the DL then they will of course downplay the injury. The reason for the Yankees secrecy is simple, they want to avoid over paying for a player if they need to make an emergency trade.

Hughes next start is Wednesday against the surging Orioles at Yankee Stadium. with an off day on Monday I would not be surprised if Hughes is passed over in the rotation, and of course the Yankees will claim that they have located a flaw in Hughes delivery that is throwing off his location, again they will not make any mention of his diminished velocity.

I believe Hughes is one step away from an MRI and a 15 day stint on the DL, and the Yankees are one step away from having a major issue on their hands.

Dominick Mezzapesa
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The Boss
04-08-2011, 23:03
Wishful thinking for you huh?

04-09-2011, 01:07
I hate the Yankees so I am hoping Hughes keeps pitching LOL

04-09-2011, 07:15
Do you want him to go to the Mets so he can be your #1 starter?

04-09-2011, 08:47
I would love Phil Hughes on the Mets but at this point he is not a #1, I don't know if he will be anything more than a #2 or #3. Being a #1 on any team is a mind set. He seems to timid to be a #1. Pelfrey and Hughes are both too nice to be a #1 you have to have a chip on your shoulder and believe "I am the best and I can carry my team"

The Boss
04-09-2011, 09:52
SO he wouldnt be the Mets #1 starter right now?

04-09-2011, 15:16
Right now...NO! if the Mets had Hughes they still would be without a #1. All they would be adding is another #3 starter to a rotation stocked with #3's

Unless you're a true #1 like Santana or CC then it's just a number and that's all.

04-09-2011, 15:21
Let's ask I this way!: if Phil Hughes was on the mets would he be their best starting pitcher??!

The Boss
04-15-2011, 16:24
They are still saying Dead Arm , but he's on his way to the DL regrardless Dom. Nice call on this one.

04-15-2011, 22:44
No F'n idea why they don't get him an MRI. I really think he has mico-tears in his rotor cuff or his labrum, which only need rest, long tossing and some isometrics to cure. But, if it is just a dead arm wouldn't you want the kid to know he has nothing wrong with his arm so he can relax knowing his velocity will be back?

The Boss
04-25-2011, 15:20
Wow, Francesa breaking the news that Phil Hughes had a "Major setback" and is seeing a doctor soon... I wonder if Dom was right??

Jimmy from Brooklyn
04-26-2011, 17:51
I thought I remembered reading something here about the DL way before Hughes got sidelined, guess I was right! Nice call