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04-09-2011, 15:17
"Men are Pigs", sorry, but that is who we are. When talking about woman sport reporters, or announcers, all men are guilty of being "Pigs", all that remains to be answered is, too what degree of a pig are you?

When WFAN host Adam "The Bull" Gerstenhaber, announced he may have Jen Royle, co-host of “Baltimore Baseball Tonight” on 105.7 The Fan, on his show, after the Baltimore, Yankee game later this week, I was trilled. I absolutely, think she is beautiful, as well as talented, and I quickly tweeted Bull (@AdamtheBullWFAN) "Jen Royle is so FRIGGIN HOT!". The next day when I woke up I felt horrible, because of the tweet and how I labeled her, so I decided to make amends by writing this article.

Turn on any sports network today, and you're likely to see a woman reporting from somewhere on the field. Woman can be found, doing any number of jobs from TV analyst, sideline reporting, or hosting a sports radio show on WFAN, but no matter where you see them, it is clear that woman have finally gained a foot hold in being accepted for their role as legitimate sports journalists.

For decades, women have been harassed and criticized in their fight to be equal to men...in sports journalism. I am not sure if people understand the hardships that early female sports reporters endured just get to where they are today. While, woman have made great strides from these early years, there are still an abundance of sexist comments, obnoxious male forums, and plain old everyday prejudice here in the present.

I do not think we will ever get past words like, beautiful, sexy, hot, gorgeous, when we as men, are describing female reporters. I am not even really sure, it will ever go away, because the bottom line is, we are men, and they are woman and one of our most basic male instincts, is being attracted to the opposite sex. So, it is only natural that men think in these terms, yes, it's not politically correct in this day and age, but it's just a fact of life.

What I do find offensive is judging woman reporters based on their looks, that is completely wrong, and more than just a bit asinine. While I believe Jen Royle is attractive, I do not judge her by her looks at all, I judge her by her work, and her beauty is just a bonus.

It is more than justified to be critical of any journalist, whether it is a man or a woman. What I do object to is how these critiques are worded, or spoken. If it is a man, we use, dumb, stupid, hasn't got a clue, to describe our feelings, When it is a woman receiving a bad review, it becomes much more sexist, and objectionable.

Go on to any forum, where the discussion is about a female reporter and you'll see, "I wonder how many men she had to do to get that job?", "She only got hired because she has a nice rack", "Look how she looked at that player, it was like she wanted to do him right there." I can't help but cringe when reading these type's of comments, because they never state anything about what she said, but the negative reviews always seems comes down to how she looks.

A few years ago, I wanted to drive over to Yankee Stadium and slap Micheal Kay in his big, fat, misshapen, head every damn time he said "And now for the bullpen report here's Lil Kim" You're kidding right? Calling Kim Jones "LiL Kim"? I only wish for one time she wasn't so professional and said "Now back to the booth with Fat Mike"

But Micheal Kay's comments show just how far woman still need to go, to be known, simply as a "Sports Journalist" the hard part to accept about Kay's comments wasn't the fact that he was calling her "LiL Kim", but the fact that he had no clue how disrespectful he was towards her. He was oblivious to what he was saying and most likely thought, "it's only a joke' why are you so upset?

I don't think I will ever forget what happened to Erin Andrews, the ESPN reporter, when a scumbag peeping tom videotaped her while she was naked in her hotel room. When the story broke, I could not believe that more than a few idiots were commenting, trying to put the blame on Andrews. That somehow the peeping tom, while wrong, would not have had any reason to film her is she wouldn't have been trying so hard to be so beautiful on ESPN. I can't write what I was thinking of these moronic comments, because I don't believe there are any words to describe the anger and complete outrage I felt then, or now.

It is kind of sad, here we are in 2011 and a woman reporter like Viv Berstein has to answer comments from idiotic readers telling her that "She is ugly" and when she writes back asking why they wrote something like that? the answer she received was "We'll, if you don't like my comments, don't put your picture on your column". Sometimes I think, I must be the only sane one left, because I could never, even imagine judging an article based on a picture.

So, when I re-read my twitter comment to Adam, "The Bull", while it was completely innocent, it was still wrong, and I was upset. I wish I could be different and not even mention Jen's looks, but I can't seem to do that, maybe I am just weak, or sexist, but truly, my opinion of her, and on all the other woman journalist is based on their skills, not looks.

While sports reporters both men and woman are public figures and are absolutely open for criticism, keep in mind these are also people have the same feelings you and I do, and I believe if your boss, or co-workers, judged your job performance by how you looked, you would be completely outraged and offended by those standards.

So I apologize to Jen Royle for tweeting Adam "the Bull" that I thought you were "Friggin Hot." In my heart I know you are an exceptionally talented, well spoken and extremely intelligent sports reporter.

Jen Royle will be a guest on WFAN 660 AM Sports talk radio with Adam "The Bull" Gerstenhaber, Thursday night (March, 14th) after the final game of the Yanks/O's series.

Dominick Mezzapesa
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Jersey John
04-10-2011, 19:33
I seriously doubt she knows, or cares dude

04-11-2011, 08:01
I think he interest from NY fans will be minimal, Adam the Bull should just take calls!