View Full Version : BOYCOTT THE NFL

04-09-2011, 18:51
Please people, please boycott the NFL Please dont wear any NFL gear or buy any NFL gear. They dont care about us and that includes the owners and the players. I'm telling you if WE stop wearing their merchandise they might change their minds on this lockout. If WE stop buying their merchandise they wouldnt make any money from us during this lockout then again they might change their minds. If WE stop talking about the NFL public or on the radio etc then the NFL wont get the publicity. And what do they say about publicity? Bad publicity is better than no publicity. If WE do this then maybe the NFL will settle this lockout and maybe we will have a season. Until that time people - the hell with the NFL!

04-09-2011, 19:19
Alright I'm with you! let's do it!

The Boss
04-10-2011, 16:48
Ok somebody buy the Bronco gear I have for sale, then Boycott your heart out!