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04-10-2011, 23:20
When Tara Sullivan, a columnist for the Bergen (N.J.) Record, was watching the exciting finish to this years 2011 Masters, I am sure the last thing she ever expected, was becoming a major story by the end of the day.

Only hours after Charl Schwartzel won the Masters by two shots and claimed his first major title, and the coveted green jacket, Tara was pushed into the limelight, when she was denied access to the locker room to interview Rory McIlroy after Sunday’s final round of the Masters.

Ironically, just one day before I wrote an article about how men in general, treat woman journalist , and while woman have made progress in being treated as equals in sports journalism, they still have so far to go, and less than 24 hours later, Augusta National, proved my point. (The above mentioned article can be found at - http://goo.gl/PhvtM )

I was not present at the time of Tara's "security breach," but I am not aware if she mistakenly grabbed her AK-47 instead of her normal pen and pad. I am going to take a leap of faith and believe Tara was armed only with pen and paper when she tried to enter the locker room.

Sullivan said, she was told by two security personnel, one of whom was female, that she was not allowed into the locker room. According to Masters media policy, all reporters are supposed to have access to the room, “I was told women were not allowed in the locker room.” she said.

Augusta National refused to make an immediate statement, which is not surprising given their history of treating woman as second class citizens.

Sullivan planned on interviewing McIlroy in a traditional area under the big tree in front of the clubhouse. McIlroy didn’t stop and Sullivan followed the golfer with a pack of reporters into the clubhouse and down the hall to the locker room.

At least a dozen male reporters had no trouble entering the locker room, but Tara was barred from entering, despite the posted media policy, "It was not anyone in a green jacket,” Sullivan said, speaking of the members of Augusta National. “They were two white-shirted security personnel,"

Sullivan was told by Steve Ethun of the Masters media committee that, “it was a complete misunderstanding by the tournament week security and she (Tara) should have rightfully been given access per the standard practices of major sporting events.”

Under deadline, Sullivan was able to her complete her story with the help of her colleagues, she later tweeted "Thanks to awesome (male) colleagues who shared transcripts of Rory McIlroy's interview."

Tara Sullivan has been a professional journalist for two decades, and this was her fourth time covering the masters, and now unfortunately she is just finishing day one of being a national story line.

I can only hope that Tara's situation will bring to light, just how far woman still need to travel in being treated as equals in sports journalism.

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04-11-2011, 07:59
They say it was a misunderstanding? How exactly?