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04-11-2011, 09:42
One of the most fun things about the first week of any new baseball season, is watching all the asinine conclusions and moronic tweets. I really, am surprised there is not more people walking around New York with pulled hamstrings, with all that day to day, jumping on and off bandwagons.

ESPN the leader in moronic stats, sent out a real winner when Boston started the season 0-4, "No team that started 0-4 ever won their division." As soon as they got to 0-6, ESPN one up themselves and stated "No team that started 0-6 ever won the World Series." What they fail to mention is normally no "Good" team ever started 0-6, most 0-6 teams sucked from the start and were expected to finish last or close to the bottom of their division.

I am sure if Boston does win the division ESPN will have a big musical, sorry I mean segment with their experts claiming "How could anyone have counted Boston out after their 0-6 start.

But, today I am writing about the Yankee fan, their over zealous YES network broadcast team, and who could forget that crack duo in the radio booth. After Teixeira went 6 for 18, including four homers, to open the season. Everybody claimed that Teixeira's April woes were a thing of the past.

We heard the constant babble of Teixeira spending $3,500 and buying his own pitching machine and overhauling his winter workout regimen. Every moronic writer wanted to jump on the Tex Express, trying their best to ride that story to some name recognition. They all wrote that Teixeira changed his routine last winter, taking more cuts in the cage and spending less time in the weight room.

Suzyn and Sterling opining, about how Teixeira was a new man, and this year he could be the MVP, since the only thing that was stopping in the past, was a bad April.

Micheal Kay and the rest of the Rah-Rah crew in the booth, credited "Iron Mike" for Teixeira's unbelievable start. At first I actually wondered what Mike Tyson knew about hitting? but, after being slammed with story, after story, I finally figured out that the pitching machine Tex bought was called "Iron Mike"

Well, maybe Tex should have consulted Mike Tyson for some hitting tips, because on April 11th, after 9 games, Mark Teixeira is hitting an unlike MVP.182 avg.

"He's just missing balls a little bit, that's all," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. I really would hate to see what he is hitting, if he was missing it by a lot? Now I am not ripping on Teixeira at all, I am making fun of all the morons who leap before looking, and start writing, or reporting their love feast, just days into April.

It would be so nice to actually wait till April is almost over, before declaring Mark Teixeira is the new king of April.

In all fairness to Teixeira , he is the the MVP of March.

The Boss
04-11-2011, 11:18
Usually a man is hot for longer then he was hot. Maybe he will pick it right back up. His famous start is a thing of the past for me now, so I'm pumping off the wagon now until he hits more Home runs, then Ill pump back on again