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The Boss
04-13-2011, 10:48
Well our man Funtime is back with a new Dupp Report. It's been awhile since I've seen something from him, and this time it's short and sweet. Check out the whopping he gives Mike Francesa (http://matthewfunti.me/archives/692)

I don't feel less interested in Francesa then before, maybe I am just too used to hearing him.

Jersey John
04-13-2011, 10:58
Mike is letting himself slide but I dont think "The Mike Francesa show is awful"

Jimmy from Brooklyn
04-13-2011, 11:04
Mike full of hot air but hasnt he always been? I miss Dogg too but its not like Mikes show is disgustingly bad or anything, its just got that stale feeling at times

04-13-2011, 11:19
What bothers me the most about his show is his arrogance towards things hendoes not care about, i.e. NHL, NBA and he child like condensation towards the Mets, who I am a fan of and the Jets, who I am not a fan of. I feel that he purposely goes out of his way to trash both teams because he is a Yankee and giant fan and to also incite the fans of those teams call in and argue with him. The best thing that people can do is to ignore those comments and not call in and then mayb hewould change his style. I won't bet on it because he has no real competition to force him to care about his shoe and the fans. There is no other place to go to get new York sports talk

04-13-2011, 11:21
I have been waiting for someone to write exactly how I feel about Mike Francesa I agree with this article 100% I feel his show is awful, it's all about him. He knows more then anybody he talks to, he always puts callers down and God forbid you don't share his opinion you immediately get the hook. And the constant repeating himself is so annoying, does he-need to fill air space like that. I started watching and listening when he was still with Dog and I loved the show, then Dog left and I could only imagine why, but still show was okay, but Fransayso has just gotten too big for his own good. Watching him you can see he is so bored with what he is doing. It is time to get him a partner that will have the balls to take him on, or put someone new in that slot. Perhaps someone like Adam the Bull. But maybe Mike needs to have an eye opener and by the way if someone tells him about negative stuff about him his reply is. I don't look at that stuff. Come on give me a break. Anyway I would like to thank @MatthewFuntime for saying what I have wanted to say for a long time.

04-13-2011, 12:00
Brian1976 I agree with you about Mike being a Giant fan, but I don't really think he is a Yankees fan, he is a big Mickey Mantle fan but the team to follow if you want to be in would be the Yankees. I feel he is a closet Red Sox fan. he always bashes the Yankees when they are going to play the Sox but just my opinion. The Mets he does really trash and when he talks to Mets higher ups you would think he owed the Mets. He is the only one who could run them the right way.

04-13-2011, 13:18
Totally agree. Mike has a schtick just like Carton does. And that grows really old after a while. He doesn't prepare at all for his show, doesn't know half the news that is out there, relies solely on some unnamed informants that always seem to 'call' him with information, and dismisses anything he personally doesn't find to be important. Bashing the Mets is old and tired and boring. He thinks that he can do and say whatever he wants. He's always burping and I wonder why HE has more trouble with the phones than anyone else. He's mean spirited and a bully. I can't believe station mgmt. lets him get away with half the stuff he does. The ratings have slipped and will continue to do so.....

04-13-2011, 15:45
It seems he does no research into what he is talking about. He use to know a lot of things that we did not, Now it seems he has gotten lazy as far as research

04-13-2011, 15:51
Last week I called and my argument was CC should not have been pulled in the 8th against Minny. He threw 104 pitches and only threw 14 in the 7th, My point was in a 4-0 game CC was throwing stress free and if he started the 8th and let up a hit or a BB then pull him, put in Robinson and then Soriano in the 9th.

Francesa started crying I was wrong and cried that it was cold and NO WAY should CC be pitching that much. I said Young coming off 2 years of injury threw 103 in Philly, Beckett threw 106 in Clev. CC was rolling along at 104 and he could have went out their in the 8th. Francesa got mad and whined "What do I want CC to throw 120 pitches?

Of course CC's next start sunday night in freezing Boston he throws 120 pitches

04-13-2011, 18:00
Plus mike is making stupid errors that he is never getting called on example:

Last week KC was playing the White Sox and the White Sox came back and took a 1 run lead in the top of the ninth
KC Scored one run in the bottom of the 9th to tie it

Mike came back later and said " After the Royals blew a 9th inning lead and then came back to tie it, Chicago now has scored in extra innings to win the game....Really Devastating loss for the White Sox" Huh???? I was driving and I really had no clue who won till the 20/20 because what Franseca said made no sense at all.

These types of errors are from being lazy, not caring or you're just losing your mind.

But the way he sounds on radio it really seems he doesn't care anymore because he makes so many mistakes everyday

04-13-2011, 18:15
I watch him on YES. And what you see is Mike sitting with the newspaper but nothing else I know as I get older I cannot remember everything, so you would think he would have a few notes just to help him refresh. But no again what you see is Francesa watching TV, not about things we want to know about but about games that are out West. He just seems like he is losing it, so I think it is time for him to have help or we need fresh blood. Just sayin.

Georgia Roddy
04-13-2011, 18:50
Mike's show is unlistenable now. Especially for Mets or Jets fans. He is one of the laziest radio personalities out there (if not THE laziest). I think if it's not talking about his beloved Yankees (I think he doesn't mind the Red Sox) or the CLASSY Giants, he isn't interested in chatting at all. He just fingers them away. Basketball (college) used to be a specialty of his years ago, now everyone is "Da Big Kid" - "Da Kid dat can shoot" - "Da Kid". NBA he could not care less about and hockey? Mike couldn't name 5 players in the whole league.

The only reason to watch or listen to Mike now is the unintentional humor. See how many Diet Cokes he can drink and burp through callers. See or listen to him berate his producers. See or listen to old Mantle stories.

Dog's show on Sirius is much better, but they were better together. Right now if you disagree with Mike, he hangs up on you. With Dog there, Chris would give his opinion and they could bounce things off each other. Mark Chernoff should have someone to come in to co host (even for 6-8 weeks a year) so they could transition into Mike taking 3 months off during the summer to go to Saratoga.

04-13-2011, 22:43
The funniest part is years ago Mike hated when you assumed, he would yell and scream saying "That didn't happen" Now he uses it to make his point. With my call about CC he said What if CC pitched 118 pitches in 7 innings? I said "He didn't he only pitched 104"

Mike screamed "again I said what IF!" I said then you would bring Soriano in the 8th" Then he hung up and said See exactly you bring Soriano in the 8th So I (Mike) am right"

He then went on crying that he could not understand why the callers cant understand Soriano is the 8th inning guy

04-14-2011, 10:14
Mike is short with callers but sometimes the callers make such rediculous claims and statements that I imagine if I had to deal with it for 5 hours a day I might even be nastier. They seem to make it more about trying to beat Mike in an arguement then about talking sports. Youre not going to beat Mike inn an argument, even if your'e right so stop trying

The Boss
04-14-2011, 13:32
Yea it's true it doesnt take much for a show to be 5 hours of callers trying to convince Mike how wrong he is. he is very defensive in these situations but I actually think he's right half the time. For example, the last thing on my mind when the Yankees lost that game with Soriano in the 8th was that it was a bad decision to use him in that spot. If Soriano goes 1-2-3 in the 8th you would have called Mike the next day bashing the decision Dominick? Like Mike said, its because he blew it that it became a bad decision. Thats just an example of a day when Francesa has to argue for 5 hours with people that just had to keep trying to prove him wrong. I happen to agree with him, but other people didnt. I don't know.

04-14-2011, 14:13
Francesa's show I thought was to debate a subject both sides. The problem with Francesa is it has to be his way or no way. He is not always right although he wants it that way. He is nasty to callers who do not agree with him and half the time he does not even wait for the caller to make a complete thought. So he is rude and nasty and it may be time for him to say C ya.

04-15-2011, 02:00
If Soriano goes 1-2-3 in the 8th you would have called Mike the next day bashing the decision Dominick?

I was not bashing bringing in Soriano, I was bashing bringing ANYONE in the 8th since CC only threw 104 pitches and had an easy 7th inning.

There was no reason to lose that game at all since CC was rolling, and Girardi wanted to give Mo the day off. It would have made sense to have CC start the 8th, and Soriano in the 9th

04-15-2011, 02:07
Plus let me point out this. I HATE when anyone say "If they won..." That's stupid because THEY DID NOT WIN! Ok lets say CC threw a no hitter, or lets say Lightning hit CC in his fat ass....It did not happen so using "What if's" are a senseless excuse.

If we use the what if they won...Then nobody should call anytime because whenever the Yankees lose then you can say "Well what if Posada hit a HR..Then would you be calling?

04-15-2011, 12:29
Francesa just killed the Mets, if you are a Met fan you can be upset but can you say he is wrong?
Dominick, you can say "if" because it's talk radio and most of the things said are for the sake of conversation. IF the Yankees won that game there would be no issue. 104 pitches with a 4-0 with 6 outs to go is a good spot to pull CC. Doesn't make sense to work him more. Sure you can say you would give him a chance in the 8th, but it's certainly not huge error to pull him, unless it backfires like it did.

04-15-2011, 12:54
Mike Francesa has to stop crying about not being on air when the Mets are on. He knew this is the station that carries Mets and Devils. He is so afraid it will affect him, the only one hurting him is him!!!!! He is just a nasty man. The way he is yelling about the mets you would think he is a fan. Maybe he should buy the Mets.

04-16-2011, 02:58
If you want to talk about being incompetent, I listened to Mike Francesa's interview with Joe Girardi and when they were discussing Hughes's injury, Francesa did not even mention "MRI", in fact he did not ask any questions at all. Francesa let Giradi give his "We think all Phil has is a dead arm"

Your kidding right Mike? Girardi says "HE THINKS all Phil has is a dead arm" and you don't ask "Hey Joe, You Think? Why not send the kid for an MRI and be sure?"

Nope Mike just went right past it, and on to the next subject....What a joke

04-16-2011, 03:09
I want everyone to go to WFAN and listen to Mike Francesa's interview with Girardi

OMG talk about a love feast, can he ask ONE! tough question. Instead all you heard was The Yankees are great, AJ is doing great, Everyone is fantastic.

Jersey John
04-20-2011, 12:29
Mikes not going to sit there and yell at Girardi like he does the callers

04-20-2011, 13:13
But can he at least ask a semi-tough question?

04-20-2011, 16:26
WOW just listen to last weeks interview between Francesa and Girardi and todays Francesa and Collins.

Every 2 words were God-awful, Horrible, Can any Met catch a ball, Lousy, Terrible, Stinks,

04-20-2011, 18:07
Mike was honest and straight forward with Collins today. To me, that says he doesn't think the Mets will ever be any good under Collins, or he wouldve been nicer