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04-19-2011, 18:35
NFL fumbles the 9/11 Giants vs Jets Game Opportunity

A few months back when the NFL released it's teams opponents schedule, I immediately saw two things. First - My Chiefs were playing the Jets, so I hoped they were playing in New York, so I can see them in person. The second thing I noticed was the Giants were going to be playing the Jets and there were going to be games played on 9/11.

Immediately, I thought of how appropriate it is to have the Giants vs the Jets playing Sunday night, on the 10th anniversary of one of the darkest days in our nations history.

There will be many remembrances planned for that day, and to have the whole nation focusing on New York that Sunday night to watch this game would have been an appropriate ending to such a sorrowful day.

Sports, as many of you know has been part of the healing process that our nation has used in the past to signify, that while we are hurt, no enemy, no force of nature can take away our resolve. While we have lost something special, watching a sporting event after whatever tragedy has always brought us some healing.

Baseball has always been great at these times, the slow pace and many breaks, leads to wonderful 30 second spots, that tug at our hearts. Football has less of an effect than baseball, because most time they do them during the pre-game ceremonies which we hardly see on TV, but they do have the halftime show and I was fully expecting a meaningful remembrance for all the hero's of that fateful day.

One other many things the NFL could have done, was to show 15 second clips when entering commercial breaks, focusing on just a few of the many fireman, or policemen who we lost on 9/11. The NFL could have used the blimp to show the nation stunningly beautiful shots of the new tower, and of course the new 9/11 memorial, these pictures would have been absolutely memorable, showing these landmarks brightly lite against a darkened New York City skyline.

It would have been a special night, that would have not only focused the nation on ground zero, but also would have been the culmination to so many events that would have taken place in not only New York, but across our nation.

It was really hard to imagine the NFL not having a special night on 9/11 with the Giants vs Jets in New York, combined with a follow up Monday night 9/12 game with the Redskins in Washington so they could honor all those lost at the Pentagon, but instead of having an appropriate ending to such a somber weekend, the NFL puts the Giants vs Jets on Christmas eve?

I am shaking my head about the absolute stupidity of this decision. I am not sure why they did this, except someone in some cubicle most likely said, since everyone will be home on Christmas ever, they will all tune in to watch the game.

I am sorry, but I will make 100% sure not to turn on the TV that night, Yes I'll listen to the radio a few minutes to get the score, but since my first grand daughter, Anastasia, was born this past Friday, I am sure avoiding the Giant, Jet game would be easy to accomplish.

The NFL really fumbled the ball on this one, and it's a shame that they did not have enough sense to realize the opportunity presented to them, of course I should not be surprised since they can not even figure out how to split $9 billion fairly with the players.

By Dominick Mezzapesa
Twitter @dmezz1120
Email" mezz1962@gmail.com

The Boss
04-19-2011, 21:43
I don't think this day is about football and as far as diversions go I think its better to have NY teams play in 2 seperate games.. i see what you are saying though. I don't think September 11th needs to be a day we focus greatly on football like Thanksgiving is for example.

Jersey John
04-20-2011, 11:55
It would have been nice, but not the NFL's job to make themselves the center of attention on that night.