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04-20-2011, 12:04
I am assuming #1 there will be a season and #2 The Jets will sign the big three, and all the teams will pretty must remain the same since, rookies wont have as big an impact as they normally have had, and the abbreviated free agent period will have many players just signing short contract to stay with the team they were on.

Home team in bold
Week #1 Cowboys 24-Jets 21 (0-1)
The Jets have a back and forth game with the Cowboys, but the Cowboys with a healthy Romo, and Rob Ryan as their defensive coordinator will do enough to ruin the Jets opener.

Week #2 Jets 28 - Jaguars 21 (1-1)
Jaguars had a wonderful season last year, but they will continue to find ways to lose close games, The Jets get a last minute TD to pull it out and let everyone go home happy.

Week #3 Jets 35 - Raiders 20 (2-1)
Raiders are in typical disaster mode. Jets will take advantage of the raiders shortened off season. The Raiders will still be having trouble coming to grips with the new coaching staff, will make enough mistakes for the Jets to have and easy day.

Week #4 Baltimore 21 - Jets 3 (2-2)
The Jets quickly find out that playing Baltimore is not like playing the Raiders, and the Jets won't find many mistakes to take advantage of. Baltimore will be one of the elite teams of the AFC. Ravens will play with a chip on their shoulder and will remember Rex's comments from their last years game.

Week #5 Patriots 52 - Jets 10 (2-3)
The pats had the youngest team last year, and they will enter this game with a lot more cohesion. Last year playoff loss still stings knowing that the Pats marched down the field their first two possessions and came away with 3 points. It will be revenge time

Week #6 Jets 35 - Dolphins 10 (3-3)
Jets are reeling entering this make or break game. Having lost last year to the dolphins at home, and coming off 2 horrible loses the Jets will pour it on, to even their record

Week #7 Chargers 35 - Jets 21 (3-4)
The Jets hang close with the Chargers, so the score wont reflect the finale outcome. The Chargers just have too many weapons for a Jet team with no pass rush, and Rivers just beats down a tired Jet secondary in the 4th quarter.

Week #8 Bye

Week #9 Jets 28 - Bills 7 (4-4)
The rested Jets will finally break their curse of sucking after bye weeks. Rex will make sure the Jets obliterate the horrible Bills.

Week #10
Pats 28 - Jets 27 (4-5)
The Jets will just fall short in the rematch with the Pats. The will come out strong but will fade at the end. This game will finally show the Jet fans that this team is not for real.

Week #11 Broncos 24 - Jets 21 (4-6)
This is the begging of the end for the Jets. Completely reeling from the Pats lose, they have fly cross country to play in mile high on only 4 days rest. Once again like the Chargers and Pats they falter in the 4th quarter as the mile high air takes it's toll on the jets D

Week #12 Jets 19- Bills 16 (5-6)
With the Jets on the verge of a disastrous season, the Bills are here to save the jets season (At least temporarily) In a mistake prone, ugly game, the Jets do just enough to win on a last second field goal

Week #13 Jets 24 - Redskins 17 (6-6)
The Jets pull out a win on a sloppy, cold, wet early December field. The Jet fans are happy, because they even their record and are in the mix for a wild card.

Week #14 Chiefs 35 - Jets #21 (6-7)
The Jets have no answer for Jamal Charles who runs left, right and over them for 200 yards.

Week #15 Eagles 28 - Jets 10 (6-8)
The Eagles show the Jets what a playoff team actually looks like. Vick follows Charles's lead from the previous week and makes the Jets pay for a weak D line.

Week #16 Giants 21 - Jets 17 (6-9)
The Jet haters gets an Christmas eve present from the Giants as the Jets lose in front of an empty home game crowd at the New Meadowlands

Week #17 Dolphins 16- Jets 13 (6-10)
Both teams out of the playoffs, play a horrible mistake prone game that ends with a dolphins last minute field goal to end both teams miserable season

By Dominick Mezzapesa
Twitter @dmezz1120
Email" mezz1962@gmail.com

Jersey John
04-20-2011, 12:09
I'm not buying it. Rex has that team ready MOST of the time. The NFl is so back and forth it could happen, but until They look bad under Rex I have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

04-20-2011, 12:47
Well last year they played a lot of easy teams and just barley squeaked out some wins,
Take a way 2010 teams like the Browns, Lions, Bengals, and Insert Giants, Cowboys and Eagles and your in a world of hurt

The Boss
04-20-2011, 16:57
The Giants will be at the end of a brutal season when they meet the Jets. Eagles are always tough but the Cowboys in week 1 are a toss up. It very true that they couldve had a bad record last year if a handful of plays went the other way. I'd say 12-4 is more likely then 6-10

04-20-2011, 18:18
You're out of your mInd Dominic! They will be right there with the Pats for the division title at the end

Jimmy from Brooklyn
04-26-2011, 17:39
I'm expecting the jets to follow up last season with another good one.. very few teams are consistently good but the Jets should be on of them. Pats will be good too though. Too bad they dont play around week 15