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04-20-2011, 14:10
I am in utter dismay when reading the Knicks, Celtics game two articles.

I keep reading about the Melo's heroic effort, and I can't understand, what exactly he did that was heroic?

The post made it seem like Melo was playing in some type of one against five game when they said "Carmelo Anthony took on the entire Celtics franchise last night and nearly beat it by himself in one of the great individual Knicks playoff performances."

Really? he took on the whole Celtic franchise? Because, I watch the game and did not see one secretary, ticket taker, or vendor on the floor. Did the Knicks bus somehow break down, and La La had to drive Melo to the arena, so Melo was the only Knick available to suit up?

Was it a great performance? Yes. Heroic? Not quite.

I question "the great performance" part a little only because he did hoist up 30 shots and only hit 14.

Question, where was Melo in the 1st game? I heard a lot of announcers saying Melo made a lot of fans tonight with his performance. I assume it was a lot, because of the amount of fans he lost after his game one horrendous shooting.

But I am really perplexed about why this was such an heroic performance. It certainly wasn't close to Bernard King dropping 50 points on 20 for 23 shooting with 10 free throws in a 117-113 Knicks victory over the San Antonio Spurs.

It certainly wasn't Michael Jordan’s 38-point performance with a 103 degree fever, in the 1997 NBA Finals

So while it was a good night for Melo, I think the NY papers are really blowing this game two showing against Boston a little out of proportion.

BTW The Knicks lost yesterday, in case anyone failed to notice.

By Dominick Mezzapesa
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The Boss
04-20-2011, 22:03
With Amare out he really kept the Knicks in it until the very end. He scored a lot of points. "Heroic" is a bit much though

Jersey John
04-21-2011, 10:02
42 points in a playoff game on the road against a heavy favorite is worth of praise.. None of these guys are heroic unless they happen to save a life however