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04-21-2011, 01:10
So the Mets are off to a terrific start...that is if you have Dyslexia and read everything backwards, then the Mets are a wonderful 13-5, for the rest of the world who read everything from left to right well then they are a pathetic 5-13, and going no where fast.

So what to do with the bumbling, stumbling, cant seem to catch a fly ball New York Mets?

Have a press conference and come clean. Tell the fan base, it will take at least two years to clear up the financial mess the Wilpons have gotten themselves into, So we have decided to scrap the team and start over, so when our financial house is in order we will be in a great position to bring the team back to where our fans expect us to be.

So here is the plan
#1 - have the above press conference
#2 - Declare every player (except Ike Davis) currently on the roster eligible to be traded.
#3 - Closed, one time only bids for these players,
#4 - You are only accepting prospects, or players with three years of less Major league experience
#5 - You will have Three rounds of bidding. The Mets will offer 8 players up for bidding, and move on to the next round of 8. This way if a team misses out on Reyes in the first round, they maybe able to get David Write in the second round
#6 - Announce to the fans that all tickets will be severely discounted (as in the same prices they had in 1986), and any season ticket holders will get the same exact seats for free for the entire 2012 season. the reason is you want people in the seats paying for parking, buying food, drinking $10 beers.

Yes, it is radical, but I keep hearing in NY you are not allowed to rebuild. I think I would be more excited to watch a team with 9 rookies on the field, than watching this team lose day after day. In the next two years the Mets will not be able to get any free agents, and by mid season this team will look nothing like what you see on the field today.

I am sure the Red Sox would love to have RA Dickey, and Reyes on their team. I think some teams would love to have David Write playing 3rd, or F-Rod closing for them.

The Mets have some good talent that would be useful to a whole host of teams. If they have closed, one time only bidding you'll get much more than if you traded them through the regular channels.

There is also the WTF factor, where people will tune in to watch the experiment, as it happens on the field. I am sure the first night all 9 rookies are on the field the first time, will be the highest rated game they will have all year long. It will also change the subject of WFAN callers, instead of ripping the Mets everyday you'll now have callers saying I like this player,or that guy has some potential.

The Mets are a joke, and the fans know their will not be any way out of this mess for years, so you might as well give them some hope

By Dominick Mezzapesa
Twitter @dmezz1120
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The Boss
04-21-2011, 16:35
It would only interest people until the team continues losing even more then before the trades are made. The only way to get people to show up is to win. I like the idea of getting rid of everyone on the team though