View Full Version : High School Kid throws no Hitter w/21 K's

The Boss
04-22-2011, 22:59
Danny Aguilo, a Sophmore at Elmont High School (in Nassau Count on Queens boarder for those that don't know) threw a no hitter and recored every single out with a strike out. That is 21 K's in the 7 inning game. If you think about it you realize that no fielder on the team ever had to even make a play for the entire game. Incredible to consider someone doing that. Congrats to that kid.

04-22-2011, 23:29
The catcher did LOL

04-23-2011, 19:24
He'll be meeting with Dr Andrews and having Tommy John before you know it

Jersey John
04-23-2011, 19:43
Is ESPN televising the home video recording in prime time?