View Full Version : Too bad Melo's mouth couldn't pull a no show like he does

04-22-2011, 23:15
After hoisting up 30 shots and hitting just 14, the word on the street was Carmelo Anthony put on a clinic Tuesday night against the Celtics. I guess the clinic was how to hit less than 50%, but still pretend you were Bernard King who dropped 50 on a 20-23 shooting against the Spurs.

I can't stand Knick fans who seem to have Alzheimer's, or at the very least are afflicted with "Selective Memory Syndrome" because the same people that are now praising Melo with words like Heroic, Historic, and epic after his game two performance, were also crying "Melo Sucks" after his dreadful 5-18 brick filled shooting night after game one?

Read between the lines of the Melo news conference, and I can't help but remember the great Chuck Thompson line about Reggie Jackson "There's not enough mustard in the world to cover this young hot dog.'"

So after declaring this a must win, and crying he can't do it all by himself, big mouth Melo lays another egg, shooting a disgusting 4-16, and in the biggest game of his life he gets a total of 15 points, in Boston's 113-96 blowout of the Knicks

Sorry Melo, big time players don't show up in one game, and pull a disappearing act in the other two. Big time players, who shoot their mouths off, declaring this a "Must Win" don't get out scored by his teammate Shawne Williams.

“I have to step up and do it all to try to win,” Anthony said on Thursday. “We have to have guys who have to step up as well on the team.

Shawne Williams who average a paltry 5.9 ppg for his Career, but scored 17 showed up.
Jared Jeffries who average a paltry 5.1 ppg for his Career, but scored 12 showed up
Toney Douglas who average a paltry 9.8 ppg for his Career, but scored 15 showed up

The one who did not show up was Carmelo Anthony, king of the no shows. I just wish your mouth would pull a no show...just once.

by Dominick Mezzapesa
Twitter @dmezz1120
email: mezz1962@gmail.com

The Boss
04-23-2011, 11:19
Nobody has made him out to be Michael Jordan, but if the Knicks are going to win, Melo is going to have to be there. He's had lousy moments (fouls, missed shots, no-shows) but he's been great at times too. It would have been nice if he could ha e done something last night, but he chose then the crap the bed.

04-23-2011, 11:40
He is a self centered, chuck it up, instead of passing shooter. Allen Iverson who Melo is similar too at least took his team somewhere. Melo is a overrated player, He averages 3 assist a game and shoots 45% shooting. People talk about him like he is a great player, the numbers and teammates tell a whole different story.

Anyone who has talent can hoist up 30 shots and hit 14 of them, But basketball is a team game, you have to play D which he rarely does, you have to get your teammates involved, which judging by his career 3 assist a game, he never does.

And seeing him in the regular season when he whined and refused to join his team in a Time out huddle, or his no show in game #1, or his refusal to drive the lane and dish to a hot Amare, or his no show Game #3 after calling out his teammates, is more than enough to show me, this is the guy you traded for. A Bi-Polar, hot or cold, interested or Uninterested ball player.

All I see is 7 out of 8 years (Counting this year) in the playoffs his teams can't get past the first round. The only time he got out of the first round was when Billups joined the Denver team and TOOK the team's leadership from him.

04-23-2011, 11:41
It says a lot when Bulls, Carlos Boozer who played with Melo, was vocal saying he did not want the bulls team to trade Joakim Noah straight up for Carmelo Anthony

The Boss
04-23-2011, 13:28
I think you have to let Melo marinate with the team for awhile. Amare with him together hopefully for years will equal a pretty nice team in the years to come..

04-23-2011, 19:22
He's considered a top 10 scorer and that what he is. Hard to argue that. Defense etc is lacking of course