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04-25-2011, 23:19
Where are all these so called great reporters New York is supposed to process?

When you become a reporter for the Times, Daily News, or the Post, aren't you supposed to be the cream of the crop? So why hasn't one reporter questioned the Yankees handling of the Phil Hughes situation?

I just got off the phone with Richard Neer of WFAN, and when I made the comment that no one was questioning the Yankees as to why Phil Hughes did not have an MRI done 2 weeks ago? And why the Yankees do not seem to receive the same criticism as the NY Mets do?

To further my point, I brought up the situation when the Mets acquired JJ Putz a relief pitcher who had logged 100's of inning. After only a few outings, he was shut down, because he had an arm injury, after an MRI reveled damage, the papers ripped the Mets questioning how could the Mets be so stupid as to not give this pitcher an MRI. When the Yankees signed Pedro Feliciano to a contract the same exact situation occurred, but no one labeled the same type of criticism toward the Yankees.

Neer quickly hung up, and labeled me as some sort of Mets supporter, which seems to be the only way, Yankee fans, and reporters such as Mike Francesa can answer the question. I am no Mets supporter, I am a writer who has valued questions, that continue to go unanswered, and since no reporter is willing to do their job, I assume my questions will remain unanswered, and the Yankees will continue to get their free pass from criticism.

On April 8th, I wrote an article about Phil Hughes is headed to the DL. Of course the Yankees denied any such move claiming "It's just a dead arm, nothing to see here"

On April 15, The Yankees placed Phil Hughes on the 15-Day DL
My press release can be found here http://goo.gl/ZRIsb, the article can also be found on www.66wfan.net.

On April 16th, I wrote an article asking why the Yankees have not done an MRI, because Phil Hughes has arm problems that go far beyond a "Dead Arm" of course the Yankees refused to give Hughes an MRI, and not one reporter was asking the simple question...Why Not?
My press release can be found here http://goo.gl/GCRNV, the article can also be found on www.66wfan.net.

On April 26th, The Yankees announce that Phil Hughes has been shut down, because he has a major issue with his arm. The also announced he will see a Dr., but still no word about any MRI being scheduled.

So far on WFAN, ESPN and the early articles in the New York papers, no one is questioning the Yankees handling of this situation. It is strange that I was able to accurately predict the events in the time line of Phil Hughes injury, and the Yankees weren't?

To me the big question is why, the New York sports reporters consistently fail to do their jobs, when it comes to the New York Yankees, Joe Girardi, or Brian Cashman?

Update 4/26
Ernie Acosta of WFAN asked me "What tough questions" Which is a good question, so I am updating this press release to include some of the questions that should have been asked:
1- Why wasn't Phil Hughes given an MRI when he was placed on the DL?

2- Since I have not known of one person ever placed on the 15 day DL for "Dead Arm" how come you did?

3- The normal treatment for "Dead Arm" is to Pitch through it, but you made the choice of placing Hughes on the DL...Why?

4- How is it possible Dominick Mezzapesa was able to accurately predict what would be happening, but you claim that at first it was a Dead Arm and he just needs to build it up, then place him on the Dl, Now he is shut down and on all the occasions you were "Surprised"

5- Why did you deiced to bring Hughes up north, when last year he had an extended spring, and this year he was not even hitting 90 MPH in his last spring training start?

6- How come in the Boston game, Hughes only threw 4 four seam fastballs, when the standard remedy for dead arm is Throwing 4 seam fastballs?

There are a lot more questions that should have been asked, but since these 6 were never asked, I highly doubt any of my other questions were asked either.

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Jersey John
04-26-2011, 14:32
I'm not saying you are wrong, but shouldn't you wait until you are right before you try to put in everyones face that you are right? You have a lot to say but it still might prove out that you are dead wrong and everybody else is right.

Jimmy from Brooklyn
04-26-2011, 17:48
I heard someone saying he is being tested for everything possible today. Hopefully they find something minor that can be treated easy