View Full Version : Mike Francesa

05-02-2011, 16:41
I would just lime to throw out a question and ask how many people were turning back and forth from news a out Bin Laden and the Mets game? The Pope Francesa said everyone was doing this and as we all know he is always right. I do not like Mr Fransayso so I was just wondering. B&C covered Bin laden this morning and I think J&E did too but not Mr I'm too good for that. So anyway what say you??

Jersey John
05-02-2011, 21:34
I wouldnt watch the Mets anyway so I sure didnt. I heard mike early today for awhile and he was taking calls on Bin Ladin death so.. not sure he did it the whole show though

05-03-2011, 14:03
I think people may have weighed back and forth while waiting to the news to break. Once it broke I would expect most people were tuned into Bin Ladin death news