View Full Version : Richard Neer Weeknights.

05-02-2011, 17:01
When there is no Met game during the week, the FAN needs to give Adam the Bull the 10pm slot PERMANENTLY! Enough of alternating with Richard Neer. Richard Neer has his place on weekend mornings which is more suitable to him. I'm sick of being bored to death at work listening to this guy when the Bull is 1000 times more entertaining and informed than him. It's not a coincidence that Richard utters the phrase "We've got open phone lines" constantly throughout his show. Always a good sign that you have a large audience when you hear that.

Jersey John
05-02-2011, 21:32
Yea I can agree with that. I personally think the Fan should dump the mets all together and have someone like Bull in there

05-03-2011, 14:13
I don't think you will get much an argument from many people here. Adam the bull need a regular slot where people know to find him.