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05-04-2011, 23:06
On April 15th A-Rod was hitting over 400 and he was the talk of the town. After a terrific spring training, the newspapers, the fans and the Yankees were all going ga-ga about his slimmed down, toned up body.

On May 4th A-Rod is now hitting a robust .256 and the free fall does not seem to have an end for this former steroid using, lair.

Yes, it seems harsh, but unfortunately I have no sympathy after having to write so many columns on how Derek Jeter was thrown under the bus by Brian Cashman, and the Yankee faithful.

In February 2009, Alex Rodriguez pouting lips admitted that he tested positive for steroids six years before. A-Rod admitted taking performance-enhancing drugs while playing for the Texas Rangers during a three-year period beginning in 2001. Which of course is no where near the truth.

The hilarious part of that ESPN interview came afterward when he said "Again, it was such a loosey-goosey era," Rodriguez said. "I'm guilty for a lot of things. I'm guilty for being negligent, naive, not asking all the right questions. And to be quite honest, I don't know exactly what substance I was guilty of using."

I wonder how all these athletes don't have a clue what they put in their body. Just the other day I imagined what that scene must have been like when his personal trainer came over "Hey Alex I have this needle full of liquid, Can I stick this shit in your ass?" A-Rod looked over to his friend and in his normal loosey-goosey voice said "Sure, buddy no problem here you go."

Now of course he denied any use while playing for the Yankees, but the numbers tell a different story. A-Rods first three years in NY were pretty much mundane for a player making in the neighborhood of $25 million a year. Being the top paid player normally means you should be close to the top in all the major hitting categories.

Alex Rodriquez hit 36,48, and 35 homers his first three seasons in pinstripes, and then came his opt out year in 2007, and what a year it was.

First he arrived in spring training 20 pounds heavier than he left in 2006, which should have given those crack reporters covering the Yankees a clue, but after chalking up the weight gain to a heavy diet of cheeseburgers, and heavy lifting, no one batted an eye.

So on his opt out year A-Rod went out and had an MVP season hitting 54 homeruns, and driving in 156 runs. What a man! A-Rod on his opt out year increased his Home Run out put by almost 20, a 35% increase which under normal circumstances should have at least warranted at least one "A-Rod are you back on steroids?" question.

Well A-Roid got exactly what he wanted, a nice big raise, and a long extension, and no one said a word about A-Rod being back on the juice. Mike Francesa the sports Pope gave Alex his blessing, and his forgiveness, and all was happy in Yankeeland once again.

Since securing his wonderful contract, each year the numbers have gone steadily down, His homeruns went from his drug added 54, to a more normal 35 the following year, and the last two years he has dropped to rather mundane 30 A-bombs per season.

Now lets take a look at his numbers in a nice straight line, and even the most untrained eye can spot the neon flashing sign with the big lighted arrow saying "Drug Use Over Here"

So he admitted using steroids in Texas where he hit 52, 57, 47 homeruns

Here are his Yankee HR totals year to year 36,48,35,54,35,30,30.

Since A-Rod has signed his new and improved contract that will pay him $30 million a year till he is 42 years old A-Rod numbers are growing smaller faster than Barry Bonds's head size since he went into retirement.

The NY reporters gave more coverage, and asked more hard hitting question to A-Rod being feed popcorn, than they seem to be giving him hitting with a wet noodle.

So let's all keep on harping on why Jeter is only hitting .250, and completely ignore why A-Rod is hitting a manly .256?

Dominick Mezzapesa
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The Boss
05-05-2011, 08:22
He might just be in a slump be a basically agree with you on A-Rod. He has already missed games due to injury. If he doesnt come out of this with the warm weather I will start thinking he might be an average player for the last years of his career.

Jersey John
05-05-2011, 10:28
Well they are both going to go downhill soon enough. I think A-Rod will be 36 and Jeter 37 in a few months, so people should expect more injuries, longer slumps, and #'s that dont match previous seasons #'s. I think A-Rods hot streaks will clearly be better then Jeters, but how will it compare to his own highs? Like you said Mezz, A-Rod was hot and in the best shape ever, and he has already missed games and slumped.

05-05-2011, 15:28
I don't have the negative opinion about Derek Jeter that others have, I like Jeter and he has and is good for Yankees, but as all of us we AGE, just human nature, but that does not mean we throw him under the bus like Mike Francesa and alot of his loyal zombie callers!!! I have never been a fan of A-rod so he is what he is. I don't believe he told the truth about the drug issue but whatever, he came out looking and playing great, but now he just looks like he does not care. Just my opinion. As far as Media like dmezz said the attention is more on what Arod is eating and with who then how he is playing. I think the pressure on DJ is also very unfair and I cannot believe some fans have turned on him and threw him under the bus. I am not one of those fans!!!!

The Boss
05-05-2011, 15:33
I dont think Francesa has thrown Jeter under the bus at all, he has been fair when talking about jeters season i feel.

The Boss
05-09-2011, 10:54
I wonder what woke Jeter up yesterday. 2 Homer games are few and far between for him. It was great to hear it.

05-09-2011, 14:52
Sports fans are the most B-Polar people in the world. Last year Jeter hit 270 and the world was ending. When he was hitting 250 a lot of Yankee fans actually dreamed of putting Reyes at SS and moving Jeter to the outfield (Like having a 250 singles hitting in left is a great thing...Oh wait you have Garddy)

Now Jeter has a great day at the plate, hits 2 home runs and is now hitting 276 and now the sun is shining, the white puffy clouds lazily move across a wonderful blue sky, and everything is wonderful in Yankeeland.