View Full Version : Now people may understand what Adam The Bull meant with Chavez

05-05-2011, 17:04
Last week Adam "The Bull" took caller after caller saying "Chavez should be playing more"

Bull of course tried to explain to the callers that Chavez is made of glass, and "There is a reason why this guy only played 33 games in 2010, 9 games in 2009 and 23 games in 2008."

No matter how many times Bull explained that Chavez is a walking DL stint just waiting to happen, the callers weren't buying what Bull was selling.

They all tried to come up with some kind of scenario that would have Chavez and his 400 avg in the lineup everyday. Well, today Chavez broke his foot...RUNNING...Yes Running.

Hopefully the callers will call Bull tonight (5/5) when he is on at 11pm tonight and say "My bad, Bull you were right" I doubt they would, but what will be funny is caller after caller tonight will say "Man Bull, Colon maybe able to be a 18 game winner this year, with the way he is pitching"

Again Bull will remind the callers "There is a reason why this guy did not pitch in 2010 and had only 69 innings in 2009, and 44 in 2008" But I am sure the callers won't buy anything Bull is selling....LOL

The Boss
05-05-2011, 22:37
Its crazy, Chavez didnt really do anything to break that toe. I'd like to hear how this happened form him. And Adam the bull was 100% correct.

05-05-2011, 22:54
If there is a "Bull in a China Shop" Chavez would be the China. The guy is so injury prone, this is what Cashman got, a great signing as long as they play, now the Yankees are in the poop. A-Rod has to play a lot more, and if you put Pena in you lose a bat, because he can't hit, he's all glove.