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05-05-2011, 22:58
Francesa and Carton...Just a couple of Knuckelheads

I apologize if this article is not smooth, and gets off track, i will re-write it later, but I am so pissed off, I just wanted to get the story out. I apologize if it's not perfect.

One of my favorite WFAN hosts is Gregg Sussmann. I lived in South Carolina at the time, and did not know he won this Fantasy Phenom contest, so when I first heard him on air, I was confused about why this guy was only on Saturday's 1am to 3am.

I was writing an article about how I thought he deserved a better deal since he really is that good, compared to half the hosts currently on WFAN. After doing some background I discovered he was only on the two hours, because the winner of the contest received a two hour show, for a one year period.

I was happy for Sussman, and I knew that when the time comes, I will write an article (And pay for editing LOL) and also call on everyone I know to really get on WFAN, and lobby for them to sign Sussmann to a real contract.

I have been listening to WFAN for over 20 years and one thing I do know is talent, and just like any rookie in any sport, when you have someone that shows the potential he does, you just don't let those people walk.

This morning I was listening to Carton, when they did the promo for the Fantasy Phenom 2. For a moment Carton said will you be the next Gregg Sussmann? Then Carton started talking about Sussman asking whoever was working the board what time he was on? Then I could not believe it when Carton said "I never heard him" and then started making stupid comments, like Gregg was some kind of nobody. That is the biggest BS I ever heard. he never said anything bad, but never said anything good either. he basically acted like Gregg Sussmann was some kind of caller, not worth the great Craig Cartons time to listen to, or even comment on. Carton also said "Maybe Adam the Bull should try out for the Fantasy Phenom 2 contest?" I am sure there is an inside joke there, but when no one is clued into that inside joke it comes off as a snide remark.

I hear all the time how Carton, talks about how this guy treated him good, and that guy helped him along the way. Then he goes into his diatribe about being nice, and helping the up and comers out. After listening over and over for months about how Carton respected all the new people, today it was evident that all his spouting was just a bunch of crap.

I can not explain to anyone how upset I was that Gregg Sussman a person on the same station was treated like a piece of old gum on the show of the great Craig Carton, that needs to be wiped off or something. When I heard Carton say "I never heard him before?" then Craig you know what you do "Shut the hell up!"

The one thing I learned listening to Sussman, and the thing that impresses me most about him is his sports knowledge. Today there are so many WFAN listeners who think Mike Francesa has grown lazy, and once, long ago he was the Sports Pope, and the last few years, he is fast becoming the sports dope.

An example of this laziness that Francesa has displayed was clearly evident last week, when the Yankees announced that they would be sending Phil Hughes to Saint Louis to be tested for Thoracic Outlet Syndrom.

As you know I have written extensively on Hughes, and that Wednesday when it was announced I did my research, and even though I had a similar problem with my shoulder, I spent a good 2 hours researching TOS to write a new article.

When Francesa came on the next day, I was tuned in knowing Francesa would be having his weekly interview with Yankee manager Joe Girardi. During his show, Francesa said he knew nothing about TOS and actually started reading word for word off Wikipedia, and even admitted it.

All I could think about was how friggin lazy Francesa has grown, that the whole day he did not even look up what TOS was, meanwhile I spent two hours researching TOS for an article hardly anyone in the world would even read.

I am sorry I am off the point of the story, but after that crap Carton pulled this morning, I was listening to Francesa today do his promo for the Fantasy Phenom contest and OMG he pulled the same garbage as Carton did in the morning.

I do not have it written, or taped word for word, but it went something similar to this.

That kid Gregg Sussman won it last year..right? Is he still on the air? hee hee...What time is he on?..I never heard him hee hee...I don't think I even met him once...Well anyway he is on Saturday sometime early, and it's kind of tough to listen to at that time of night...I did not hear the rest because I punched my radio and thankfully it shut off.

I could rip Francesa for all the idiotic mistakes he makes...EVERY DAMN DAY, but no I have respect for people, and I respect what Francesa has done in his past, so I try my best to just walk away, and not write anything.

But, this was the last straw. Gregg Sussman is a great host, and what impresses me most is his knowledge. He reminds me of a young Francesa, the one that actually did his homework, before going on air. The Francesa of old would have been on the phone all morning with Doctors, and by 1pm he would have come on air and talked like he was an expert about Thoracic Outlet Syndrom, but today's Mike Francesa is reading word for word off of Wikipedia.

I was absolutely appalled the lack of respect, that they showed when talking about Gregg Sussman, and I am sickened how they could completely talk about another WFAN host as if he was someone from ESPN and not worth the time of day for these two so called superstars.

Dominick Mezzapesa
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The Boss
05-05-2011, 23:34
That slot is indeed a hard one to catch. I've heard Gregg Sussman a handful of times and usually It's right before I'm going to sleep late at night. It would be nicer if WFan gave the winner if the shift would start at midnight maybe. In any case, I didnt hear Carton but I believe he could easily be a smart ass about it and dog out Sussman a bit, but from what I heard out of Francesa, he was just saying that its a hard slot to hear someone at and he didnt think he had heard the show.

05-06-2011, 13:13
Mike has to play the role and make sure people know he doesn't have the time and can't be bothered to care about anything that goes on at that station. B&C make fun of Mike because he claims to not listen to any other shows. Carton is definitely a big phony because his whole persona is based on an act. It is obvious that he listens to other shows and rips off ideas and comments. Even from Mike. Often he will have the same take on something as Mike and it just comes off as disingenuous. Behind the scenes Carton might actually advise the kid but on air he has to be aloof. like mike. If Mike weren't such a big jerk, he'd get a tape of the kid and listen for 20 minutes. The fact that they both announced their indifference is not only a slap to the kid but really makes the whole stupid contest look really bad and shows they don't really care about the station. Shouldn't the most influential team members be perceived to support the business the get paid royally from?

05-06-2011, 13:26
They don't get paid to do that, they get paid to do their show and make the station money.

05-06-2011, 19:23
Obviously, Mike did the Fantasy Phenom finals and along with everyone else, picked Gregg Sussman as the best. He also, had him LIVE on his show one night, and he admitted that late Friday night/early Sat morning, he's asleep, and never gets a chance to listen to him. Did he ever hear of tape? Does he care?

If you all out there are reading this, and you like Sussman, why not write in to the FAN, and let them know your thoughts!!! Let's start a movement to keep Gregg Sussman on the FAN...because he knows sports!!

The Boss
05-06-2011, 22:11
Well this being a fan forum would be a great place to organize this movement you speak of, but unfortunately we dont quite have the manpower for something like that yet. it would be nice though. I'm not sure how many of the people that find this site have heard him anyway with that time slot he has. We would need to get a bunch of his listeners specifically, to meet at a place like this and figure out how to show support.

Sockster, you say Sussman was on with Francesa when he won the contest?
I think Dom was a bit rough on Francesa, I can recall him calling those college students visiting the station as part of their media classes and having them on air for awhile letting them have their 10 minutes to talk about what type of work they are looking for etc. Mike honestly doesnt listen to the Fan in the middle of the night. I dont take that as a shot at Sussman.

05-06-2011, 22:48
My shot at Francesa was the attitude he took. This is his station, he is supposivly the top star of WFAN, and you have to have a little consideration for your co-worker I do not beleive it would have been too hard to either fib or if you want to be 100% honest (Which we all know he isn't when he wants to show how brilliant he is) then he could have done it this way.

Just lying
Francesa: I rarely hear Gregg because he is on such a late hour, and everyone knows with kids you get sleep whenever you can, But the few times I heard him, I was very impressed, If anyone gets a chance, then tune in at 1-3am on Sat morning, and give him a listen

If he wants to be 100% honest: Sign up for Phenom Fantasy 2, maybe you could be the next winner. Gregg Sussman last years winner is on from 1am to 3am every Saturday, I was very impressed with the young man for winning last years contest, because I can't imagine how tough that would be to beat out all those people, but he did. So if you have any dreams of breaking into sports talk radio here is your chance

There was a million ways to go with this, but I thought he had his "I am better than all of you" Mike Francesa attitude on.

05-06-2011, 22:54
His contract is up in Sept. so in July, I am going to publish a nice article (YES I will have it paid to be edited) I am also going to publish the story as a press release (No not the cheap free ones, the one that you pay for) so all anyone has to do is send the links to the story when it gets published, Just re-tweet the hell out of it, In the story I will explain how people can write to WFAN and hopefully they will get the message.

I will NOT be putting any other host down. You know and I know that Gregg is better than most host's on WFAN now so if we can figure it out WFAN should be. The funny thing is one of the biggest complaints is that WFAN is so old and that they need young blood and host that actually use the new media like Twitter and Facebook.

I think that's why Evan Roberts and Adam the Bull are so popular because they just don't get on the air for a few hours and you never hear from them till they are on again. With Bull, Gregg and Evan they are always in contact with their fan base through twitter and I am sure, they get a heads up about which direction the show should go toward.

The Boss
01-17-2012, 08:29
I wanted to bring this up because about an hour ago Craig Carton decided to slam Gregg Sussman for some reason.

Craig had said if the Giants win the Super Bowl, we will quit the morning show. Yesterday @GregSussman sent a tweet to Craig saying that a Giant fan should be the one to take that spot, and that he was free to take the job. The whole thing was in jest since there is no way Craig is quitting the job, but Carton decided to take a few minutes earlier this morning to trash Sussman. He starts off by asking if they have anybody named Sussman working at the station, acting like he doesnt even know he exists, then jokes about how Sussman is always available because he has no steady work on the station. Throw in a few shots by calling him "Gary Susmman" and Bob Sussman", and the insults were complete. The worst part of this all is that they had a "Boomer and Sussman" jingle ready telling you that the segment was pre-planed. What would the point of this be?

We all learned the name Craig Carton when he was about 38 years old, so where does he get off ragging on this young guy is lost on me.

01-17-2012, 12:33
sussman is atrocious bro.

mike never even listened to his show ya know

01-17-2012, 12:45
I don't think the real issue hear is if you agree with the opinion that Francesa, or Craig Carton have, the issue is really more about why Carton would go out of his way to let Sussman know that he is so small they dont even know his name. For some reason he thought that would be a great idea.

01-17-2012, 14:04
I am sure they would say this is all in jest and Sussman will probably come out and say he's cool with it.

However, it doesn't change the fact that the talent level is extremely thin on WFAN as it is, why you would want your on-air talent trashing each other just makes no sense. Carton isn't Howard Stern, he doesn't have the gravitas to be going around trashing the other on-air personalities. Going after Francesa is one thing going after other hosts just trying to break into the business seems weak.

01-17-2012, 16:03
I don't hear anything Carton says cause I listen to other stuff now. I went back to Imus a bit and some other morning shows and it dawned on me that Carton is only as good as the sidekicks on other shows. He is equivalent to Bernard Mcguirk. I understand now that Carton knows how bad Al is and how bad/totally unfunny the song parodies he keeps letting him do etc. are and that he knows it makes him look good. We already know some of his shtick is making himself look better through demeaning/embarrassment of others.

Really made me realize that the show is fairly weak in production value compared to some other shows and the hosts talent starts one level down on B&C. The things Carton comes up with or uses as vehicles for humor etc., like this Sussman thing, are almost amateur in comparison. Setting aside the theme difference (political vs. sports pop-cultural) listening to Imus conduct his show and interviews shows a real difference. Like a polished pro vs. an apprentice with a shaky hand. The on-the-fly stuff during the show and interviews is better than Cartons pre-planned bits that he scours Facebook, Twitter, and the web to come up with.

As I said, I haven't been listening but reading about "we will quit the show if the Giants win" and using a rather tame tweet to make some bit out of shows I haven't been missing anything. Iceman already used the correct word...WEAK!