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05-06-2011, 23:28
Campaign to Get Gregg Sussman an WFAN contract

So many on this board as well as other boards, talk about how stale WFAN is. I hear talk about how WFAN is old, and their viewpoints are from another era. Even my viewpoints don't normally live here in the 21st century, Try as I might, my opinions such as the treatment of Jeter is based on a 48 year life span, where things were a lot different when I was in my 20's then most of the younger callers of today.

I was doing a little research into the WFAN vs ESPN, and one of the main arguments that favor ESPN, is how young the host's are, and how they reflect today's viewpoints, as an example Stephan A. Smith.

Now I can't stand ESPN because for being a sports network, they really focus on promotion, rather than stories. Case in point, It was hilarious that when they are breaking down a player, instead of using actual footage, they use the madden football game graphics...WTF?

Anyway, for all the people that cry WFAN is stall, here is your chance to do something about it. On July 1st, I want to really push Gregg Sussman, and hopefully if everyone joins in we can actually get WFAN to offer him a new contract.

Gregg Sussman won the original WFAN Fantasy Phenom contest, and with it a one year contract that will expire in September.

I am not asking anyone to go door to door to get a petition signed, all I am asking is that the story I publish, will get re-tweeted, over and over again.

Through the month I will do follow up stories, and by mid July hopefully I can do a piece about Gregg on what it was like to win the contest, and how his life has changed in the past year.

I think in the 60 days before his contract runs out, we can actually create a buzz about Gregg that hopefully WFAN will listen to it's audience.

FYI, I will of course have it edited, and it wont be a hit piece on other host's and I will be spending a lot of time on it, so it won't be a last minute thrown together article. It will be similar to the one that I wrote on Adam the Bull, That one got a great response, but this Gregg Sussman piece will hopefully have a lot more buzz since there is an actual agenda to it.

In the meantime, from now till July 1st keep tweeting that Gregg Sussman is normally on Saturdays from 1-3am.

Dominick Mezzapesa
Twitter @dmezz1120
Email mezz1962@gmail.com

05-13-2011, 20:36
Make sure and call Sussman tonight..he knows his fate....

05-14-2011, 02:51
Sockster what do you mean "he knows his fate"?

05-14-2011, 11:56
sussman is a clown. he needs to get lawst