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05-11-2011, 09:10
I logged onto WFAN and today's poll asked "After the poor treatment he received in yesterday's papers, do you think A-Rod should be the big story today?"

Poor treatment? I almost laughed at the stupidity of this poll question. Since the start of the season Jeter the man who helped bring back championships, and more importantly class to the Bronx, gets ripped everyday by the, media, and fans, but poor A-Rod has one day of bad press and now WFAN puts out this poll?

The reason A-Rod received his negative press is easy, Jeter found his stroke and is hitting in the 280's while A-Rod is hitting .261 and has been sitting on 5 home runs for what seems like forever.

A-Rod's criticism has been long overdue, based on his atrocious 2011 season performance, and his May numbers aren't even good enough to even make it to the level of being called atrocious. I don't know what numbers someone making $30 million a year is supposed to be, but they certainly are not what he has shown this month.

In May A-Rod has a .208 batting average, No Home Runs, and three runs batted in, and 2 of them came just last night on a ground ball up the middle with the bases loaded.

It was hilarious to see Yes network grab A-Rod after the game so they could bring him out as the big star of the game, when clearly the star was Swisher with his run saving diving catch.

The overreaction of Jeter protected A-Rod from scrutiny, and now that Jeter is back to his customary role of being a clutch hitter, there is no where for A-Rod to hide.

Ever since A-Rod's performance enhanced 2007 opt out year A-Rod has been nothing but a bust. Since 2008 A-Rod has put up some ho-hum numbers for being the highest paid player in the league. If the fans are correct about Jeter being over paid, what does that say about A-Rod who's number pale in comparison to Albert Pujlos?

Since 2007 when A-Rod was juicing up in order to secure one last big contract, he has clearly gone off them knowing full well that he needed to protect his legacy. The day will come when he will approach Barry Bonds tainted home run record, and Micheal Kay will proclaim that A-Rod has been clean ever since joining the Yankees, and that he made one mistake way back in 2001 and that little error in judgment should not tarnish his legacy...more importantly his "Yankee Legacy".

Mike Francesa will plead with his audience for understanding that in Texas A-Rod only took the PED's because he was only trying to be worthy of that contract, and since joining the Yankees there has been not one failed test, so that somehow proves he was clean. No one seems to mention that in his opt out year, he somehow hit 20 more home runs than the year before, and after resigning with the Yankees lost those same 20 home runs.

A-Rod should receive the same treatment, if not more scrutiny than Jeter has been receiving the past year. I could only imagine what kind of vitriol would have been said about Jeter if he had ever tested positive for PED's.

05-11-2011, 13:05
Love your article again I have to agree with you. It looked like A-Rod was going to be a force to deal with. But he has stopped producing, on the Boomer and Carton show this morning all Carton could say was how A-Rod was the only reason Yankees won last night and he went on and on Monday about the fact that Jeter was on cover and back page of the NY Post and how today not a word about A-Rod in either NY papers. I just feel if you get paid all that money you need to produce...

The Boss
05-11-2011, 15:33
Man the opinion on these 2 go back and forth every time I blink. It is funny that Jeter is batting 20 points higher when he hasnt been good all year but A-Rod was off to a great start. I didnt even realize that. And he is only 3 behind in the HR competition!