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05-15-2011, 00:18
Can she just SHUT UP!

I really hate going after a host, I don't think it is right to do, unless it's Francesa and that's because his job is safe.....But OMG on a night where Posadagate exploded, she doesn't shut up.

She was on from 11-2 and she did her normal 15 minute opening and by 1am she was still doing her opening again and again. I was trying to call her, but all she does is take a call and then talks for 15 minutes.

It wouldn't be bad if she had another take but, all she does is regurgitate her 15 minute opening.

I really am sorry for saying anything bad, but it's frustrating trying to get through and all you here is a busy signal, and she won't take calls because she just wants to here herself talk

05-15-2011, 10:23
It's amazing with all the youg and up and coming talent not getting enough air time, they waste it on her and a few others. Then again they wasted about a decade with Ann Ligouri, so who knows how long Rubinson will last. At least Rubinson knows the difference between a golf ball and a baseball.

The Boss
05-15-2011, 22:00
I dont hear Lori much, but I know she likes to yell at callers sometimes. Usually the most exciting part of the night.

05-16-2011, 14:10
I also don't here Lori much and when I do catch her she does seem that bad to me. I guess I would have to hear her more to make a judgement.

The Boss
05-18-2011, 15:06
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Pure Gold
05-18-2011, 22:37
I actually like Lori. I don't know why people are hating on her. We had her on our show as a matter of fact and she was very nice and personable. Check it out if you like http://puregoldpg.com/2011/05/special-guest-lori-rubinson-of-wfan/