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05-15-2011, 01:52
It's not often that anything can push the Yankee, Red Sox game off the back pages, but tonight was one of those rare occasions. When WFAN's Adam "The Bull" uttered on air for the first time the word "Posadagate" you knew immediatly it was going to be a long night for the Yankee PR machine.

By Sunday morning I am sure most people will know what took place before, during and after the Yankees go blanked by the Red Sox Saturday night, but here is a quick "Happy Recap" of the nights events.

11am - Joe Girardi posts that nights line-up card with Jorge Posada batting 9th

6pm - Posada sticks his head into his managers office and says "Oh no you didn't"

6:30pm - Girardi doesn't even bother asking why Posada asks for the night off, instead he is distracted because under deadline, he can not find a pen to cross Posada off the line-up card and write Jones

7pm - Posada's dad says "Bad Jorge, He should man up and play"

7:01pm - Laura Posada, Jorge wife tweets he is not playing because he has a bad back

8pm - Brian Cashman feeling neglected pulls an A-Rod and goes on FOX during the game and blows the controvesy wide open by saying "Posada asked out of the game and he has no injury that he is aware of"

8:01 WFAN Adam "The Bull" declares for the very first time "Posadagate"

8:30 for the 100th time FOX shows a Posada sitting in the dugout doing his best "5 year old someone stole my lollypop pouty face" impersonation

10pm - Suzy Waldman pulls out her last weeks pay stub and see "Yankees" and goes on air to throw Posada under the bus wondering if Posada will apologize after the game for his behavior.

10;30pm - Dominick from Hicksville calls WFAN Adam "The Bull" and declares this is one of the best days of his life...and also mentions to Bull that the Cubs suck. Bull counters with "No Met pitcher would be a #4 starter on the Cubs" which brings Dominick from Hicksville back to Earth quickly.

11pm - Girardi during his news conference ac ts as if he never heard of Jorge Posada.

11:01pm - Jorge interviewed by his locker does his best Stevie Wonder impersonation, because he keeps looking at the ceiling and rocks back and forth. When asked about Cashman going on TV to throw him under the bus he simply states "I guess that's how they do things around here now" ZING!!!!

11:30 - Cashman comes out of hibernation to say "Jorge was fully aware that he was going on FOX for an in game interview" ZING!!!

11:45 - Cashman contacts MLB to try to find a way out of Posada's contract, or if they could somehow suspend him...Which the Union will never allow to happen

Midnight - The Yankee PR department asks Starbucks to stay open all night, and start brewing a boatload of "Double Shot latte's"

Here is my take on the whole situation and the reason I believe Posada threw his infamous hissy fit

Posada grew more and more upset when Adam "The Bull" did not return his tweets, "The Bull" claims that his tweeter account was not working properly, but it seemed like a weak excuse and Posada took it personally and now unable to focus at bat declared "He needed a mental day off"

I believe Posada was told sometime during the past few weeks that he will gets some playing time at first base and so far he hasn't been inserted into the lineup as the 1st baseman

Posada is still holding a grudge against the Yankees and more importantly Cashman for not giving Posada the opportunity to catch this year.

This weekend Posada looks across the field and sees Jason Varitek hitting .160 with zero home runs, but still his manager pencils him in once or twice a week as his catcher. He also saw how Francona treated Big Papi when he was horrible for almost a 1/2 year. Francona stated that Big Papi did a lot for this organization and he deserved the chance to come out of it.

Posada believes he is being treated a bit unfairly, because for over a year now Teixeira is hitting around .260 and everyday he is the #3 hitter, playing first base

At 6:30 Posada met with Cashman and requested he be traded or released and Cashman turned him down flat. Cashman ever weary of being embarrassed is probably nervous that Posada if released will join a divisional rival and is scared that he will come back to get a big hit against the Yankees. As far as trading him, not many teams will take a 39 year old player making his kind of salary.

I truly believe why Posada was so upset on the bench was because his iPod was on and since Adam "the Bull" failed to tweet him, he grew more and more grumpy as his iPod remained silent as the innings past and the night grew colder

Here are some of the things that I took out of the whole night

Brain Cashman is a media whore who pulled an A-Rod in order to throw Posada under the bus and make Posada and his wife look like liars.

Girardi either doesn't have a clue as a manager, and is just a terrible liar. Does anyone in their right mind think Posada 30 minutes before the game informs Girardi that he needs the night off and Girardi doesn't ask why?

This will not end well, and it seems Cashman is not great at handling legendary players that are in the last few years of their playing career. With Bernie Williams he would only offer a minor league contract, and basically told him to take it or retire. The way he handled Jeter was a disaster this off-season, and now Posadagate and how Cashman unnecessarily went on TV when there was no need to at all. Everything could have been handled behind the scenes.

I am wondering how Mike Francesa will get around asking Girardi anything about the situation next Thursday. By then it maybe over with, but i am sure Francesa will make it seem like this was a media over-reaction and the Yankees did nothing wrong.

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WFAN caller Dominick from Hicksville

05-15-2011, 05:12
Great article as always. So well said. I believe all true. Cashman is a weasel and he and Hal would not be acting like this if The Boss were still here. Thank you for the great read.

The Boss
05-15-2011, 07:29
At 6:30 Posada met with Cashman and requested he be traded

I hope that part was a joke like much of the rest you wrote. No way Jorge wants to play somewhere else.

I just hope Jorge gets a break here. The guy has been a pro for many years. Everybody is entitled to a bad day.

Jersey John
05-15-2011, 09:56
Not Yankee fans. Yankee fans want to string Posada up for this. Screw your 5 rings and 15 years of service.

05-15-2011, 11:49
I am sure he wants to be a Yankee, but I think he also sees how Cashman is running the zoo and how Girardi is basically Cashman's "Yes" man.

Every athlete thinks he still has something to offer, basically the athlete is the last one to realize his time has run out, with this in mind Posada knows he will not play next year for the Yankees, so I am sure he asked for a trade or his release (Remember if he gets released the Yankees still owe him the full contract)