View Full Version : When will Cashman be called out for being the weasel he is?

05-15-2011, 15:04
According to Cashman, he told both Posada and his agent that he would be going on national TV during the Yankee vs Red Sox game to explain what had transpired. My question is why did Cashman feel it was necessary to address this story on prime time at all?

At 6:30pm when this started to get out of hand, this story had not yet taken on a life of it's own. The Yankees GM did not create this story, but he sure as hell threw a bucket of gasoline on the lite match.

With all the major news media in attendance, if Cashman simply went to the press box and said, "Jorge asked for the night off because he was mentally drained, and after the game I am sure he will talk to you" that would have ended any controversy right there. Since the death of George Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman has become a media whore, from his negotiating through the newspapers, to scaling down building like some beady eyed, midget Spiderman, it seems the most dangerous place to be now a days is in between a camera and Brian Cashman's ego.

The Yankees for so long under Joe Torre kept everything in house, There were never any controversies, there were never any sources that leaked player information that would damage that players reputation or the Yankee organization, but with the passing of George, and the parting of ways with Torre, Cashman it seems wants every ounce of power he could get his little hands on.

With the weak Steinbrenner sons buried deep in the background, Cashman is free to run rampart in the NY media, saying what ever he wants, and blaming everyone, except himself for the disaster it has been since the close of the 2010 season.

Cashman during the 2010-11 off season, has already run Jeter under the bus a few time, and even made Derek participate in the press conference whose sole purpose was to make Jeter announce that Cashman was a great GM, and he had no hard feeling toward his mighty-mite GM.

Cashman had more than a few mis-steps during the off season.

Not securing Cliff Lee was one of them, even if it was ultimately not his fault that Lee took less money and went to the Phillies, Cashman none-the-less went to the media to claim, "I will not increase our offer to Cliff Lee" and of course the next week did just that.

Negotiating with Jeter through the newspaper, and then completely making the unnecessary comment "Jeter is free to go out and find a better deal, we wish him luck" This was cannon fodder for the blogs, and WFAN callers. Cashman made it seem like Jeter was the greediest player and he (Cashman) is completely innocent.

When Pedro Feliciano agreed to a two-year, $8 million contract with the Yankees, only to discover he had arm problems, Cashman instead of taking any blame, said "The Mets ABUSED poor Pedro"

After the "Abused" comments backfired, reporters quickly pointed out that the Yankees pitched Scott Protect a similar number of innings, Cashman expertly blamed Joe Torre, and in perfect weasel like fashion claimed he was trying his best to protect poor Scott Procter from the evil Joe Torre.

Now, Cashman once again tries to deflect any criticism toward him or yes man Joe Girardi, by going on national TV and making this story much bigger than it ever would have been if he just had a little class and stayed in his office, and just release a simple press release saying "Jorge Posada asked for the night off due to some mental fatigue and he will address the media after the game"..Nope Brian Cashman went on prime time and basically said Jorge Posada's wife is a liar and they have no idea about any medical condition"

One day, hopefully in my lifetime, some reporter will call out Cashman for the little manipulative bastard he has become.