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05-15-2011, 23:04
Joe was the host that actually got me listening to the fan again in my adult life after having been a fan as a kid in the early 90s. After the Jets lost that brutal divisional round playoff game against Pittsburgh in the 2004 season, Joe was the voice of rage (against Herm) that I needed. This was a Joe Benigno that scoffed at the sports aristocracy and would have derided anyone so silly as to write a book of rules for sports' fans.

Six years later I feel like Joe has become many of the elitist things he would have railed against. Many of you will have remembrances of him from his days as a caller and overnights, and your opinions will have far greater weight than my limited scope of the man. However, after getting regular spots on SNY, writing a silly book, and watching live events from the cozy confines of press boxes, I feel like Joe's attitude of being the common man, the man covered in scars from his teams' failures, is more of a schtick. Joe Benigno the self-satisfied host playing Joe Benigno the regular guy.

The problem with this is that it makes for bad listening. The marriage of Joe and Evan has not been a bad one necessarily; it has just become something of a boring one. I feel like Joe does not do his homework anymore. I seriously doubt he even watches the games anymore. He has a lazy version of what the old him would have said, and he goes with that half-heartedly while Evan knowingly (but respectfully) picks away at the laziness of those opinions.

Joe comes across as bitter that he does not get paid more, and I fully believe he would commit career suicide by jumping to a different station for a minimal increase in salary. I think Joe Benigno should thank God every day that he has a job because, like Francesa, he seems to like what he does but not enough to really work at the craft anymore.

05-15-2011, 23:21
Now I like Joe, but there has been too many time lately where he make an insane point and Evan has to correct him with the correct assessment, only for Joe to go..."Yea, you're right Bro" Don't get me wrong I do like them but, like Francesa he has become lazy as he has gotten older

05-15-2011, 23:56
Benigno was top notch in overnights. You couldn't ask for someone better. I'm glad he got a raise and better hours, but the quality of his work isn't what it was

05-16-2011, 18:28
As a hockey fan, Joe would always talk hockey on the overnights. If the Rangers were playing that night, he would open talking about the game and throughout the night. Now your lucky if you get a brief mention of hockey at any time from him during the season. And everything you said about him is correct. I still like him, but he has gone a bit "Hollywood" in a sports case.

The Boss
05-16-2011, 23:45
To me having a partner has hurt Benigno. It seems like he tries to guess what Evan will think and play it from the other side just for the sake of doing it.

05-18-2011, 12:06
Joe is a 'character'. He has stated that at some point he realized that his job is not just sports talk but its also entertainment. So, I think he might play up some of the stuff that he might think makes people laugh. But, its not too over the top. He still says funny things when he doesn't even realize it and is just being himself. I think it was last year when I realized how easily he rolled over when making a statement and getting shot down by Evan. Kind of like, yeah, you're probably right. I thought well, maybe its because they are talking baseball and he's more of a football guy. But, I think he doesn't go out of his way to study up on things. His advantage over Mike is that he goes over to SNY and is exposed to current events and interacts with other sports minded professionals. Unlike Mike who certainly doesn't need to be bothered with any of that.

The Boss
05-18-2011, 14:00
Thats a good point. I think he did the rants only when it was real before, now he rants because it's what he's known for. It does seem forced at times to me.

Pure Gold
05-18-2011, 22:39
I used to like Joe when he was with Sid on the midday show years ago. Joe is a shell of his former self now and he's just beyond annoying with the bro bro bro bro bro crap. Can't stand him half the time.

08-21-2011, 20:20
I'll bump this one! Certainly a good topic.

Dude, Bro, Dude, Bro back and forth with those two. Ughh!! And Joe lets Evan take the reigns too much. Joe seems to sit back and relax too much. The senior guy should be in control more and keep the show on track and in a good direction. A big fail there Benigno! As mentioned before it sure looks like he is being lazy.

You also can't have good rants if your worried about making sure your partner has enough talk time in the open.

Management is also to blame. You know Joe is better alone in a faster pace show with lots of calls similar to the overnights. He could of handle it since it is only three hours and not 4 or 5. Just like in sports, put your guys in a situation where they will succeed or flourish.

Not really a good match. Those two talking about checking out the ladies at some game or event is kinda creepy. One older guy and one younger guy who are not really on the same page isn't going to work or last. Kinda like father and son, where the son who really needs to leave the nest, keeps on living at home way too long.

Jimmy from Brooklyn
08-22-2011, 09:25
Joe is great. He is much better solo like you guys said. He would be great doing the Summers slot talking about the games right before or after they end instead of analyzing teams and seasons on the whole. Mostly the best change for Joe would be to have a solo show. When Joe and Evan have their vacations they def should take them seperately and that way one of them would be solo for a few weeks a summer/holiday season. That 1000x better then Marc Malusis taking their place

09-06-2011, 13:38
J & E: 3 hours of Jets and Mets. WFAN needs to mix up the hosts with the same fan affiliation.

09-06-2011, 16:01
How much of them do you listen to? Just because they are Jets and Mets fans doesn't mean all they talk about is the Jets and Mets. They talk just as much Giants and Yankees.

09-06-2011, 16:13
Disabled vet here, home all day, I listen every day, pretty much the entire show in my new job as Mr. Mom. My WFAN listening day usually starts at 10 am and goes through 5 PM.

09-06-2011, 16:20
Let me add that I like them both, otherwise I wouldn't listen, but its too much Mets/Jets.

09-09-2011, 11:33
Well ogmike I have to agree with you on this matter.. I think Wfan needs a shake up

09-25-2011, 11:36
i too loved joe on the overnights..but when he started to team up with evan and learned to play golf his passion disipated..evan brings him down like ed coleman brought down dave sims 20 years ago..evan knows his stuff but he tries too hard and loud..he sees himself as the next maddog..sorry evan it aint working..and the person who showed joe the golfcoarse should be fired..remember during his overnight rant he'd say this is all i have..jets,mets, knicks, i dont have hobbies and i dont play golf..thats the joe we love,.the non golf playing joe..take away evan and joe's golf clubs and the joe we love will return.